Observe December 6 as Anti-Communalism Day – CPI(ML)-New Democracy Central Committee Call

On this day in 1992 RSS-BJP hordes in league with Congress led Govt. at the Centre demolished Babri Masjid. It was followed by large scale killings of Muslims who came out to protest in police firing and in organized rioting. This day reminds the Indian people of the challenge posed by Hindu communal forces to the unity of the people. It symbolizes attempts by most reactionary sections to deny dynamism of Indian society and its composite culture and heritage. It also symbolizes the attempt of Indian ruling classes to sow communal hatred and discord to push their anti-people economic policies. It also underscores the need to fight these forces and their nefarious designs in the service of imperialists and their Indian lackeys to disrupt the unity of Indian people. Since 1992 we have been observing December 6 as Anti-Communalism Day.

The observance of this day assumes special significance this year with RSS-BJP having captured power at the Centre in May 2014. For their advent to power they orchestrated a campaign of communal polarization and organized large scale communal violence in certain regions and communal campaign everywhere. Since their advent to power this campaign has assumed dangerous proportions along with already existing deep communalization of state agencies. More than 605 big and small incidents of communal violence occurred in UP alone in three months after Modi led Govt. assumed power at the Centre. More than 170 such incidents have been reported from Bihar over the last few months. In the capital Delhi every day communal disturbance is organized in one corner or the other, Bawana, Trilokpuri, Khadar, Seelampur, Khichripur, etc. over the last few days. The role of BJP leaders is conspicuous in all such incidents who are unleashing these controlled incidents. Equally alarming is the participation or role of leaders of some other ruling class parties, even those who decry these incidents. And police machinery everywhere launches brutal repression over Muslims, inhumanly beating up men and women, old and young during conflict and arresting their youth when conflict is over. Later they pat their back on restoring order by abrogating rights of minorities like Muharram processions routes were drastically curtailed. This they call restoring communal peace by suppressing a community, a peace of graveyard.

Besides these attacks, RSS-BJP Govt. is busy changing syllabi for schools and packing cultural bodies and institutions dealing with historical research with their own people. They wish to substitute history with mythology, scientific enquiry by faith, facts with fantasies, etc. in general suppressing all attempts to know our society and its past to push for a mythical and make believe order as ever existing past which must be rescued from the present profanies and must be resurrected. Idiosyncratic fringe has been raised to pinnacle of power. In the name of rediscovering the lost glory of our past, they are suppressing all that was great in our past, presenting myths as scientific achievements thereby suppressing what had been our real scientific achievements but primarily to suppress the present scientific enquiry. While it is becoming the main trend in historical research, it is also infiltrating the natural sciences, even medical sciences. This Sanghization of education is going apace with increasing privatization and commercialization of education. Its attempts are to brainwash the new generation in communal propaganda and making a majoritarian mindset making minorities invisible in the national discourse.

In light of the aggressive Hindu communalism (hindutva) in power, the importance of anti-communal struggle has further increased. To foil their designs to divide the people on religious lines, to defend lives and property of minorities and most importantly to struggle for unity of the people on the basis of shared aspirations, of defense of composite society and culture, all progressive forces must launch a vigorous struggle uniting all possible forces for such struggle.

Observe December 6, 2014 as Anti-Communalism Day!

Fight against Aggressive Hindu Communalism!

Fight against attacks on lives and property of minorities!

Unite and mobilize the people for secularism!