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Observe December 6 as Anti-Communalism Day : Intensify struggle against fascist drive of RSS-BJP

25 years back, on December 6 communal hordes of RSS with the indulgence of the then ruling Congress Govt. demolished Babri Masjid delivering powerful blow to the secularism. It was a culmination of a contention between Congress and RSS-BJP to whip up majority communalism and it marked a new normal in the ruling class politics of the country. Higher judiciary too failed to uphold the principles of secularism and help continuation of the new status quo brought about by the communal forces. While the cases pertaining to demolition continue even after a quarter century, periodically pressure is brought upon the minority community to surrender their claims in the name of mediation. Allahabad High Court invented a novel principle to discard the law of the land and even the Highest Court has not come forth to adjudicate the matter according to the existing law of the land.

In 2014, fascist Hindutva forces led by RSS have come to power at the Centre on their own and are presently ruling in 18 states. Not only there are increasing attacks against the Muslims under one pretext or the other, anti-Dalit and anti-women character of Hindutva has come to the fore. Hindutva is essentially upper caste chauvinism. While it seeks to divide the people in the name of religion, it upholds and puts into practice social, economic and political domination of upper castes. Coming of Hindutva forces to power represents deepening socio-economic crisis in the country and the ruling classes are trying to suppress the rising struggles of people besides leading them into chauvinist divisive channels. Nationalism is being distorted into subservience of imperialism and unbridled exploitation and oppression of foreign and domestic corporate and landlords. Any struggle against the exploitative oppressive system is being painted as anti-national and the security forces are being projected as symbols of nationalism.

Hindutva forces are manufacturing history. On the one hand they are enforcing myths as historical facts and on the other they are wiping out the real history. History ancient period is being distorted, whole medieval period is being negated but the colonial period is not even being criticized. It is not surprising that those who fought against colonial powers have been particular objects of their attack. Enforcing myths as history is to enforce domination of upper castes.

They are using Muslims as scapegoats for their fascist drive whose targets are not only Muslims but Dalits, oppressed castes, tribals etc. Basically they are targeting all labouring sections. Their basic attack is against workers and peasant masses whose exploitation and oppression is being intensified and their struggles brutally suppressed. While they use different issues but the basic objective remains to consolidate their power.

Hindutva forces led by RSS have unleashed waves of criminal, murderous attacks against the intellectuals who are opposing their attempts.  Hindutva forces are increasing the stranglehold of foreign and domestic corporate and landlords. They are substituting real issues of the people with the propagated sense of injuries inflicted in the past. The corporate media is helping them with the view of safeguard and promote the interests of the corporate who own these outlets.

Unite the people against fascist drive of Hindutva forces led by RSS.

Resist the attacks against minorities, dalits and women.

Mobilize the people against communalism and for genuine secularism.

Observe December 6 as Anti-Communalism Day.

Central Committee,

CPI(ML)-New Democracy

November 24, 2017