Communalism, Ruling Class

Oppose Communal Offensive of RSS-BJP

Demand Punishment to Guilty of 1984 Sikh Genocide, 2002 Gujarat Pogrom and other murderous attacks on minorities

Mobilize the people for secularism of shared aspirations based on unity of workers, peasants and all sections of people

6th December, the day RSS-BJP hordes in connivance with the then Congress Govt. had demolished Babri Masjid in Ayodhya, has come to be marked as the day of struggle of aggressive Hindu communalism. Over the years protests against communalism have been held on this day. This year it is all the more important to observe this day as communal attacks on minorities, particularly Muslims, have grown along with attacks on rationalists and intellectuals opposed to communalism. Besides Modi led BJP Govt. has packed all the Govt. bodies dealing with education, art & culture including cinema, historical research and history writing, and even science with nominees of RSS. While there were more than 600 incidents of communal violence targeting minorities in the first year of power, there have been more than 300 such incidents over the past three months alone. These incidents have exposed the hand of hydra headed RSS in such incidents and shocking statements of ruling party leaders to justify these attacks. These incidents have once again brought to fore deep penetration of majority communalism in police and administration which facilitates such attacks, rewards the culprits and hounds the victims.

There has been growing protests against the intensifying communal offensive. Many writers and persons of eminence from the world of culture, art, historical research and science have returned their awards to mark this protest and issued statements against what they called rising intolerance. These protests have evoked widespread support from the people. We hail these protests and join them in struggle against Hindutva brand of majority communalism. Leaders of ruling party have lost all sense of proportion in opposing these protests and justifying their communal offensive equating themselves with India. Other parties of ruling classes though opposing RSS-BJP brand of Hindutva have opposed decommunalization of state machinery. These have limited themselves to use it only as electoral weapon without waging and indeed opposing a determined struggle against communalism.

While taking Hindutva brand of majority communalism of RSS-BJP as the main communal danger at present people should not forget that ruling classes and their different parties have been using weapon of communalism to divert the people’s attention from their anti-people economic policies, for blunting and disrupting people’s struggles against economic exploitation and social oppression, for dividing the people for their electoral ends and to prevent people’s unity against their anti-people anti-national rule, their service to foreign companies from imperialist countries, domestic corporate and landlords. Ruling class parties also engineer communal conflicts to divert the people’s anger against their misrule, amassing of wealth by their leaders, patronizing of mafia in different fields and in general serving the foreign and domestic exploiters and oppressors. They try to deflect the anger of the people into communal channels to save the present anti-people system and the rule.

Party should mobilize the people against communalism taking Hindutva brand of majority communalism as the main danger. Party should mobilize the people against murderous attacks of these forces against minorities and intellectuals. Party should expose the ruling class conspiracies to fan communalism to shield their anti-people rule and policies.

Observe December 6 as Anti-Communalism Day!

Central Committee

CPI(ML)-New Democracy

November 25, 2015