Oppose the Move to Handover University Campuses to Police to Finish off Student Movement

The web meeting of top officials of central universities and Police held on 8th of September has decided to allow police to enter campuses to weed out ‘rowdy elements’ amongst students.

This decision is continuation of attacks on democratic rights and freedom to expression of students by this fascist regime. In the name of ‘rowdy’, leaders of the student movement will be targeted. This will eventually mean that no movements will be possible within these campuses. Not just the movement, even raising just demands, opposing any wrongs from administration will come under its ambit.

The statement of Jamia VC that police have become friendly now is glaringly contradictory to what one saw in December in her University itself. Similarly outcry of JNU proctor against political activities was indication of their desperation to curb the voice of dissent.

PDSU, Delhi strongly condemns this and demands that such movies be taken back. University campuses have no place for police. Dissent and opposition are not only fundamental rights but also forms part of education and learning to become socially conscious beings.

We call upon all other Students & Teachers organizations to raise voice against this move and force the government to take back this sinister move.

Rajeeve & Jaydeep

PDSU Delhi

September 9th, 2020