Oppose Violent Attacks by RSS-BJP in Tripura

CPI (ML)-New Democracy strongly condemns the attacks launched by RSS-BJP cadres on the offices of CPI (M), other parties and several newspapers throughout Tripura. On September 8, Tripura witnessed violent mayhem by RSS-BJP cadres with police acting as spectators and thereby collaborating in these attacks. These attacks were in many subdivisions and even capital Agartala was not spared. This attack by fascist forces targeted several offices of CPI (M) and others, offices of electronic and print media. Offices were vandalized and cars were burnt down. According to a CPI(M) PB statement, CRPF jawans which were present in front of their office were withdrawn an hour before the attack showing its premeditated nature.

These violent attacks by fascist forces are a result of their increasing isolation in Tripura. Their utter failure to fulfill their election promises made in the last assembly elections held in 2018 and people’s growing resentment against anti-people policies of state and central govts. has eroded the support of RSS-BJP. Elections to TTAADC covering tribal areas of Tripura held in April 2021 resulted in stunning defeat of RSS-BJP and its allies in Tripura. TIPRA and its ally won 18 out of 28 elected seats in ADC securing
46% votes. Tribal areas cover 20 out of a total 60 seats in Tripura Assembly. Hence the desperation of RSS-BJP to attack and terrorize opposition throughout Tripura in view of next elections due in 2023 and also to prevent expression of people’s resentment, these attacks had been launched. According to a joint statement of Tripura People’s Party and PCC, CPI (ML) “BJP party forces involving the armed goons of the RSS, along with the police, carried out violent attacks beginning with the left and the democratic forces as the main target.”

CPI(ML)-New Democracy strongly condemns these violent attacks by RSS-BJP fascists and supports the democratic resistance to these attacks. RSS-BJP fascists have been unnerved by the rising struggles of the people, particularly the ongoing farmers’ movement, and are unleashing violence against their opponents.

CPI(ML)-New Democracy

September 13, 2021