CPI-ML New Democracy, Ruling Class

Press Statement : On Formation of Telengana

With the passage of the Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Bill in both houses of Parliament, the struggle of people of Telengana for separate state has been victorious. Over a thousand students and youth have laid down their lives for Telengana with hundreds dying by police bullets in their long struggle. These sacrifices and tenacity and determination displayed by people of Telengana have met with success. Central Committee of CPI(ML)-New Democracy congratulates the people of Telengana over this victory.

Tribals, dalits, backwards and minorities constitute overwhelming proportion of the population (91%) of state of Telengana. There have been continuous struggles of these sections, peasants and workers, for land and other rights. It is the land of the Great Telengana Armed Struggle. CPI(ML)-New Democracy is confident that these struggles will scale new heights and score great victories in the state of Telengana.

Formation of Telengana is in no way opposed to the interests of people of Coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema. Anti-Telengana sentiments have been whipped up by ruling politicians of these regions who had amassed huge wealth utilizing their proximity to power and to divert the attention of the people from their issues like displacement of lakhs of peasants and fisherfolks. While concerns of the people of these regions, particularly relating to their safety in Hyderabad, should be addressed, the present stage of movement has been marked by no ill-will among the people of different regions. Bifurcation of present Andhra Pradesh in two states will preserve the unity of the people, particularly in their common struggle against oppression and exploitation. Godavari Valley Resistance Struggle spanning both the states, is living testimony of the commonness of the interests of the exploited and oppressed and will continue in both the states to secure the rights of peasants, particularly tribals.

Rayalaseema is the most backward region and needs special effort for development. CPI(ML)-New Democracy will launch people’s struggle against the backwardness of Rayalaseema. Similarly north coastal region of coastal Andhra needs special efforts.

CPI(ML)-New Democracy opposes the provision to continue with Polavarum project which is meant to give water to corporate and bring submergence to tribals in Telengana, coastal Andhra, Odisha and Chhattisgarh. It should be stopped forthwith.

Dated : February 21, 2014

General Secretary

CPI(ML)-New Democracy