Protest for Release of Leaders Arrested for Breaking Lockdown

KKU organized a big protest on June 29 at Moga for the release of KKU president, Com. Nirbhay Singh Dhudike and leaders of NBS and PSU who were arrested for breaking the lockdown. A dharna was staged in front of DC office. DC assured a deputation of the release of leaders. A large number of people participated in this protest. This huge protest was addressed by the leaders of KKU Com. Satbir Singh, General Secretary of KKU, Com. Rajinder Singh, Vice-President, Jatinder Singh China Press Secretary and other state committee members besides leaders of fraternal organizations.

CEC, AIKMS has strongly criticized Punjab govt. for arresting President of Kirti Kisan Union, Punjab, Comrade Nirbhay Singh and 43 others on 19 June for protesting against closure of a fish market in Moga district at the behest of the local Congress MLA Harjot Kamal. They were arrested despite a peaceful protest launched to demand an alternative place for the fishermen.

Punjab police arrested 44 persons under section 353 IPC and the Colonial era Epidemics Act modified now by the central govt. to charge all persons protesting against govt policies with the charge of spreading Corona virus. Use of this Act against those persons who are known positive cases may be understood if they move about in public. But govts are misusing this for whoever’s voice they wish to stop. Since they have no fair and justifiable answer to deny the demands of the oppressed and distressed people, they want to create a false alibi that the protesting persons are spreading ‘Mahamari’.

In this Moga case later 30 persons were released, while remaining 14 have been charged under section 353 IPC, ie. obstructing govt servant. While the protest was to ask govt servant to perform their duty, the exact opposite charge has been made against them of obstructing govt functionaries.

CEC, AIKMS urges Punjab govt. to immediately withdraw the charges and release all arrested leaders failing which AIKMS shall be forced to launch an all India campaign for their release.

June 30,2020