Punjab Peasants Continue March to Delhi Braving Police Assault in Haryana

New Delhi | 4pm, 26th November 2020

The nation is seeing massive movement of farmers into Delhi. Farmers crossed Shambhu border at Ambala and have crossed Kurukshetra, Pipli Mandi in tens of thousands and are marching towards Delhi. It is expected that more than 50,000 farmers will be standing at the Delhi border by today evening. The numbers are expected to swell through the night as thousands of tractors and trolleys are carrying farmers, women and children from interior areas of Punjab.

All attempts by the inhuman, anti-people, RSS-BJP Haryana Govt. to stop the farmers by lathicharging, water cannon, tear gas has been resolutely thwarted by the farmers, who have acted unitedly and peacefully to remove the barricades and move into Delhi. Large number of farmers were forcefully stopped at various places in Haryana as they tried to come together for moving into Delhi. Haryana Govt. has prevented several such jathas in the villages, but they are all planning to join the protest at Delhi, or at the border, wherever the Govt. stops them. Massive mobilisations were seen today at all districts of Haryana.

In Uttar Pradesh a huge gathering of more than 2000 farmers was stopped at Bilaspur turn, Rampur. The UP police prevented them from moving to Delhi; however they are staying put on the Nainital–Delhi highway and waiting to be allowed to move ahead.

The stand off near Agra, where farmer leaders Medha Patkar, Pratibha Shinde and others have been prevented from moving continues. Large number of locals have joined the protests and the numbers are swelling by the minute. There is a road blockade in place now.

Meanwhile Kisan Sangharsh Samitis have started cropping up in the villages in and around Delhi in UP and Haryana and farmers are preparing for massive protests in their villages, in the Govt, offices and to move into Delhi in support of the demand that the Central Govt. withdraw the 3 farm acts and the Electricity Bill 2020.

Massive protests have been reported today from farmers and industrial workers in East UP, Bihar, West Bengal, Odisha, Telangana, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat and Maharashtra.

The Central Govt. should give up its machinations and manipulations against farmers and workers of the nation and stop using brutal police force to curb democratic movements, especially today, the Constitution Day of our great nation.

From the News Bulletin Issued by AIKSCC