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Saharanpur: Oppose RSS-BJP Designs to Deepen Communal Division

Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist)-New Democracy strongly condemns attempts of RSS and BJP to unleash virulent communal campaign utilizing the incidents in Saharanpur where three persons lost their lives and a large number of shops were burnt down. Violent campaign of RSS-BJP is part of their drive to deepen communal division in the country, particularly in the most populous state of Uttar Pradesh. They have not only launched a hate campaign against Muslims but are also trying to pit other minorities and oppressed castes against Muslims. Attacks by Sangh organizations in different parts of the country are part of this. It should be borne in mind how in village Akbarpur Chanderi, near Kanth in Moradabad district, RSS-BJP tried to foment communal trouble by getting a loudspeaker installed permanently in a temple there and getting it played at prayer time during Ramzan days.

CPI(ML)-New Democracy also condemns the incidents in Saharanpur over extension of a Gurudwara on a piece of land claimed by Muslims to be the site of a Mosque earlier. This matter has been under litigation and courts have had occasion to give their judgments which were in favour of the Gurudwara committee. Disputants should take legal recourse to settle such disputes rather than street action which will be utilized by RSS-BJP to foment communal trouble. CPI(ML)-New Democracy wishes to appeal to minority communities not to fall into the trap of RSS-BJP who are out to utilize each and every incident to further their majority communal agenda. It is also worth noting that several forces active in these disturbances Saharanpur did nothing for the riot affected Muslims in Muzaffarnagar nor did anything to bring culprits of that communal carnage to book. Riot affected people of Muzaffarnagar have been agitating for punishment to culprits of communal attacks and for relief to riot affected displaced Muslims. We also appeal to all communities including minority communities to be vigilant against the ruling classes’ design to sow communal discord and utilize anti-social elements for that purpose.

We also condemn the role of police and Admn. which did nothing to prevent damage to properties. We also condemn the spectator’s role played by Govt. both in the dispute and in its aftermath.

CPI(ML)-New Democracy appeals to people of Saharanpur to maintain and strengthen communal peace and harmony remaining vigilant of RSS-BJP designs to disrupt them to further their Hindutva agenda. We appeal to all toiling masses, secular people and minorities to oppose and foil the designs of Hindutva forces. Their designs are aimed at preventing and disrupting unity of common people against anti-people policies being pushed by the Modi Govt., against price-rise, corruption and increasing burden on the people. We also appeal to struggling people, workers and peasants, youth and students, to build struggles against Govt.’s anti-people policies and to not fall prey to the communal designs of these ruling class forces.

CPI(ML)-New Democracy demands that Govt. should fully compensate those who have lost their properties, give compensation to those killed and injured besides providing treatment at govt. expense to all injured.