Thirteen initial remarks by the Communist Organization of Greece (KOE) – A disgraceful agreement

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To our fraternal parties and movements, to all our international friends *

1. The whole world has been informed that a few hours ago the Greek government finally surrendered unconditionally to the EU bandits and accepted a disgraceful, humiliating and destructive Third Memorandum.

2. With this act, the government led by Alexis Tsipras, and the small group of SYRIZA leading cadres who decide in a close and secretive circle the fate of Greece, got divorced from the courageous Greek People.

3. At the same time, in the eyes of the whole world Germany and the other EU main powers revealed for the first time so clearly their true nature as gang of criminal rapists. The cynical threats and blackmailing upon Greece (and the preparation of the conditions for it to be successful) has no precedent in the post-war world history.

4. From this morning the estimation that SYRIZA is no more the party that, with all its weaknesses and errors, used to be, becomes officially valid. SYRIZA is pushed rapidly to be transformed into a pro-Memorandum force. As we have said in the past, this is not a surprising development, since the leading group of SYRIZA has ignored all the warnings and the proposals to adopt a realistic and radical policy that would offer a way out and would prevent the total disarming of Greece in front of its enemies.

5. The payment of the IMF installments during months, even against the unanimous decision of the Political Secretariat of SYRIZA (which however was not supported by most of those who voted for it), exhausted the last reserves of Greece. Furthermore, the Greek government wasted the political capital that was accumulated around the necessity for a different course, opposed to neoliberalism and dependence. With its policy, the Greek government and the leadership of SYRIZA led the country to an impossible dilemma (“Grexit or Third Memorandum”) and the country in bankruptcy. Thus, SYRIZA is now aggregated to the “classic” pro-Troika forces who are responsible for the actual situation.

6. The rest of the Greek Left, which for years was unable and/or unwilling to realize that a genuine historical possibility for real change appeared in Greece, and despised the “primitive” popular radicalism, continues to be unable (even unwilling) to provide an alternative. The most important left force outside SYRIZA, that is KKE, cannot hide its deeply systemic attitude behind a very “revolutionary” vocabulary. That’s why it continues to be not only tolerated, but even applauded by the systemic forces. It is a harmless force, since it keeps praising a distant socialist future while at the same time it refuses to play any decisive role today, under the pretext that there exist no “objective conditions” for a substantial change. Its attitude during the referendum, calling for a null vote and thus attempting to objectively offer a great assistance to the “pro-Europe” Yes, has been punished (again) by the radicalized masses. We do not put any hopes to such forces.

7. During the last 5 years, the popular radicalism and the popular movement have, times and again, “invaded” the political scene and deeply marked the developments in our country. These continue to be the only forces able to undertake a new and painful effort to oppose the downward spiral accentuated by a leadership unworthy of the History and the actual resisting spirit of the Greek People. The great pan-hellenic, national, popular, democratic NO in the referendum, especially as it has been supported by the popular masses in conditions of terrorist threats by the Troika and with the banks been closed, proves the strength of the Greek People.

8. Our duty is to be part of this always existing (albeit mute for a long period) radicalism and to serve its offensive “program” for the liberation of Greece from the humiliating and destructive yoke of foreign domination and against the local corrupt political and social system. Our aim is to pave a way out of the actual unlivable regime of colony of debt.

9. Greece enters a new period of increased suffering for the broad popular masses, much worse than the previous both for objective and subjective reasons, as the disgraceful agreement shall provoke an even more dramatic social and national catastrophe and puts a gravestone on SYRIZA as an alternative and hopeful force that could oppose the post-modern colonial regime. There is no easy way out of this situation, and the opinion that a Grexit would provide a fast recovery is as big an illusion as the claim of SYRIZA’s leadership that an “honest compromise” is possible.

10. The Communist Organization of Greece has proposed, already since the period between the two elections of 2012, a different course that would put forward the needs and the aspirations of the social majority and of popular radicalism. Since the European elections of 2014 the Communist Organization of Greece, through the weekly Dromos and the members in SYRIZA’s Central Committee and Political Secretariat, as well as its MPs, started to publicly and clearly express its opposition to the line adopted by the leadership of SYRIZA. This opposition became open and vocal especially after the “intermediate agreement” of February 20, 2015 – which paved the way for the actual Third Memorandum. The members of KOE in the Central Committee voted against the resolutions proposed by the majority in the two CC plenums (28 February-1 March and 23-24 May 2015).

11. Last Saturday 11 July the 4 MPs of KOE abstained from the voting in the Hellenic Parliament of a “law” supporting the shameful proposals of the Greek government to the Troika (see statement below). Abstention was chosen in order not to legitimize this shameful, humiliating and unconstitutional procedure that was imposed by the Troika, thus transforming the Hellenic Parliament into a colonial type Registrar of the Troika’s decisions. Our Organization has already decided for a NO when the Third Memorandum comes from approval in the Hellenic Parliament, and has instructed its MPs to act accordingly.

12. However, the Communist Organization of Greece feels the need to apologize to the Greek People for failing to estimate how low could the Greek government and the leadership of SYRIZA fall. The lack of such estimation did not allow us to dissolve completely and timely the last remaining illusions about a possible dignified stand of the government against the Troika, even at the eleventh hour. This self-criticism cannot and must not be sidestepped, despite the fact that we wrote and said many times during the last months that the total surrender was inevitable because of the obsessive line of the leadership for an “agreement at any expense”.

13. The Communist Organization of Greece expresses gratitude to the Friends of the Greek People worldwide. The Greek People is worthy of your full support and solidarity, because it is a People very thirsty for Justice and Dignity, a People who courageously and continuously resisted unforeseen threats and situations. We shall continue to serve our People with our general line and with faith in its great possibilities. We are not afraid of the “punishment” reserved to us and to thousands of honest militants by the enemies and the “friends” of the Greek People. The struggle continues. We shall take back our country.

Athens, 13 July 2015
Communist Organization of Greece – International Relations’ Department