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42 Years of Imposition of Emergency : Intensify Struggle Against Increasing Danger of Fascism

On 26th June 1975, Mrs. Indira Gandhi Govt. had launched a ferocious attack on the democratic rights of the people by imposing Emergency. Mrs. Gandhi sought to perpetuate her rule in the face of rising struggles of the people and increasing dissensions among the ruling classes. Every democratic institution was trampled underfoot and people’s rights were completely negated.

Now 42 years later, Indian people are again faced with the danger of fascist rule over the country this time under the slogan of Hindutva. RSS-BJP ruling at the Centre have not only packed the state institutions with their own people, they are subverting different state institutions utilizing their parliamentary majority. RSS-BJP rule signifies the most brutal attack on the people of the country in the service of imperialists and big capitalist and big landlord classes subservient to imperialism. To camouflage their anti-national acts, RSS-BJP are bent on intensifying their drive to divide the people on communal lines and intensifying attacks against tribals, dalits, women and oppressed castes besides minorities. They are intensifying militarization of state machinery and are unleashing jingoism. RSS is trying to whip up pseudo-nationalism to misdirect the people’s rising anger and crush the people’s struggles.

RSS-BJP are intensifying suppression of communist revolutionary movement deploying more and more security forces. They are using black laws like UAPA indiscriminately against the people’s movements particularly struggles of peasantry and working class. They are also intensifying military suppression of the people of J&K. They are trying to abolish whatever concessions working class had snatched through struggles in the form of provisions of labour laws. They are trying to change existing land acquisition law and are crushing peasant struggles rising as a result of increasing agrarian crisis. Peasants are dying not able to extricate themselves from the debt trap owing to anti-peasant policies of the Govt. and are being killed by the security forces when they stand up against these policies.

RSS-BJP is intensifying attacks on Muslims. From ‘Ghar wapasi’ to ‘Gau Raksha’ the target is to deepen the communal divide and march towards imposing fascist dictatorship based on communal polarization. RSS’s Hindutva is essentially upper caste chauvinism and hence signifies intensified attacks against Dalits and oppressed castes.

To further its attacks against the people’s rights and their struggles, RSS-BJP is targeting the media as well. While most of the corporate media is supportive of RSS-BJP, whichever and to whatever extent any media is opposing their campaign, they are targeting them. Recent targeting of NDTV is an example of the same. On the other hand, social media which is being used to articulate the people’s issues, is also being targeted. From Kashmir to Saharanpur to Mandsaur, internet and mobile services are blocked so that news of people’s struggles cannot be disseminated while RSS propaganda continues unabated.

On this 42nd anniversary of the imposition of Emergency, the dark clouds of fascism are gathering. Resolute struggle is needed to oppose this nefarious design of RSS and its affiliates.

Central Committee of CPI(ML)-New Democracy calls upon all democratic and progressive forces and appeals to all revolutionary organizations to highlight the present danger.

Observe 42nd Anniversary of Imposition of Emergency to intensify struggle against Communal Fascism and to oppose its attacks on the different sections of people.

Central Committee

CPI(ML)-New Democracy

June 15, 2017