AIKMS Announces a Campaign Against Three Ordinances

On the appeal of AIKSCC led 260 organizations peasants and workers in UP shall huge hold mass protests with Corona precautions on August 9, anniversary of the Quit India Movement with a call for “Corporate Bhagao, Kisani Bachao”. Campaign for this is on by more than 40 farmer bodies in UP with leaflets, posters, social media messages and village gatherings. Notices shall be served on the administration and a memorandum is being sent to the Prime Minister.

The protest is against the three agriculture Ordinances which promote domestic and foreign Corporate control in agricultural production, input supply, crop purchase and processing which will lead to hoarding and black marketing and steep rise in food prices. These Ordinances change the Essential Commodities Act removing all basic food items from being essential, remove all Mandi Samiti checks on big trader and Corporate in crop trade and promote contract farming and future trading in the name of One Nation One Market which is a demand of foreign trading corporate from the US and Europe, Walmart, Pepsi, Monsanto, Bayer, Cargil, etc. RSS/ BJP govt has named this ‘Price and  Income Assurance’ while it will erode crop price and peasant income.

The protest will oppose increase prices of diesel/ petrol and the new Power Bill which proposes ‘no slabs’, ‘no subsidy’ with charge at the highest rates. The demand is also to waive all electricity bills of Corona period for peasants and small shops, small manufacturers and to pay Rs 10,000 pm compensation for survival during Corona lockdowns.

It will oppose unfair use of law to arrest and restrain democratic protests and intellectuals and misuse of Epidemics Act, Section 144, 188 and 353 (obstructing govt functioning), Gangster and Goonda Acts, UAPA (terrorism), NSA, AFSPA.

The peasants are demanding opening all schools with precautions and payment of school fee by the govt; nationalization of health services with free, uniform and good quality health care to all and deployment of doctors in all villages; and to restart all trains to allow free of cost and safe travel to migrant labour.

With rise in Hunger and joblessness the AIKSCC is demanding 15 kg food grain, 1 kg lentils, 1 kg sugar and 1 kg oil per unit in ration to all persons with our without cards; work under Mnrega at minimum wages to all who ask, for at least 200 days a year; funds for peoples’ development in villages in place of funds for corporate infrastructure; distribution of ceiling surplus, benami and riverbed land to poor; waiver of Rabi KCC loans, interest free Kharif loans and loans for animal husbandry and stopping the SHG and microfinance interest and recovery.

The AIKSCC has criticised the govt for uprooting farmers and tribals, taking over their land to hand it over to Corporate and to forcefully plant commercial trees under the CAMPA law.

Issued by Com. Ashish Mital, GS, AIKMS & Member, WG, AIKSCC