An earthquake on April 25 devastated our neighbouring country Nepal causing extensive damage to the lives, houses, livelihood and property there. After shocks for the next two days have kept the people outdoors in heavy downpour. Loss of lives and damage to property has also taken place in the neighbouring states of India, UP, Bihar and West Bengal.

In Nepal the devastation has been enormous. Over five thousand bodies have been recovered and according to Nepal PM the toll is expected to reach ten thousand. Nearly one third of the population of this landlocked country has been affected (According to UN nearly eight million). Large areas affected by the destruction have not been reached even now. Wants of food, drinking water and clothes has overtaken the people who have lost their near and dear ones and all their belongings. Spectre of diseases is looming large over such a large populace.

Central Committee of CPI(ML)-New Democracy appeals to the people of India to extend all possible help and assistance to the people of Nepal in their hour of grief and need. CPI(ML)-New Democracy calls upon all party units to take initiative in mobilizing help for the earthquake affected people and calls upon all democratic organizations to mobilize help and support from the people in different forms.

Central Committee, CPI(ML)ND

April 27, 2015