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Barddhaman Blast – Beyond the mainstream narrative – Amit Chakraborty

It is interesting to note that chief minister of West Bengal in a public meeting on 24th october stated Barddhaman blast which occurred on 2nd October 2014 in Khagragarh could be a conspiracy hatched by Indian intelligence agency Research & Analysis wing( RAW). This statement created a furore among RSS-BJP leaders along with the parliamentary oppositions including mainstream lefts. Ms. Mamata Banerjee also said that she was in central government for 23 years and she knows how things happen!

Sarada scam has defamed Trinamool Government putting two of its MP’s into jail and at present CBI is putting pressure on Ms. Mamata Banerjee, this must have prompted her to put forward this sort of serious allegation . Shamik Bhattacharya, the newly elected BJP MLA from Basirhat stated that Ms. Mamata Banerjee is the only chief minister of India who has alleged RAW in this way and also criticized her sense of nationalism. Siddhartha Nath Singh, BJP leader also criticized her. Question may be raised why Ms. Banerjee who claims to be very honest tolerated this sort of conspiracy organized by RAW for last 23 years.

But whatever may be the intention of Ms. Banerjee this statement needs serious appraisal.

What Happened in Bardhaman?

On 2nd October 2014 a bomb blast occurred in Khagragarh, a small village in Bardhaman district. Two persons died and one was seriously injured. Immediately after the blast before the investigation was started all the national media and BJP leaders started saying that this is conspiracy by Muslim terrorists and West Bengal has become safe haven for Muslim terrorists. They started an anti-Muslim propaganda in the name of border infiltration by Bangladeshi Muslims.

Within few days NIA & NSA came into picture, top officers arrived West Bengal. They started raiding in neighbouring places of Khagragarh. News of arrest of ‘Jihadi’ Muslim terrorists, confiscation of arms and ammunitions flooded the media. NIA chief and NSA both of them visited West Bengal. It was like a Sherlock holmes story! Wherever NIA went there was breakthrough and success! Electronic & print media of Bengal started beating the drums for NIA. BJP ministers started blaming Trinamool govt. for supporting Muslim terrorists and appeasing Muslims. NIA raided in Khagragarh with a teenager poor Muslim boy to find out explosives, when he found something then only NIA heroes entered the room with sophisticated equipments. Such was their bravery! Media deliberately forgot to mention these. When Association for Protection of Democratic Rights (APDR) and some Muslim organizations protested against this then only it came to limelight. NIA claimed to confiscate JIHADI books! Media published their photos. People thought how efficient our NIA is! but actually those books were primer Arabic books called ‘Nurani Kayda’ which are taught in madrasas along with some books like ‘Mrityur bhalo Upay’ a Bengali book of 124 pages quoting texts from Koran & Hadis discussing the inevitability of death & one book consisting of 452 pages published in 1986 by Golam Mortaza named as ‘Chepey Rakha Itihaas’ (The suppressed History) which has been highly appreciated in academic circles. After bomb blast media & NIA informed us that it was a ploy by Bangladeshi Muslim terrorists and Khagragarh was their den. They claimed that Bangladeshi Mujahideens (JMB) were involved in this incident. NSA chief Ajit Doval said India and Bangladesh are working hand in hand against the terrorists. It is very fascinating to find that neither RSS nor BJP mentions that Bangladesh a Muslim majority country are fighting against Muslim terrorists because this will expose their anti Muslim hindu fascist grand design. Moreover they are blaming West Bengal TMC govt. but avoiding to mention that border is managed by BSF which is under central govt. only.

What is beyond Barddhaman blast?

In the last Lok Sabha election Mr. Narendra Modi in his electoral campaign in West Bengal raised the question of huge Muslim infiltration from Bangladesh. In a recent article published in Economic & Political Weekly (EPW) there has been ample data which shows population increase in West Bengal is lower than national average and also lower than Gujarat. The population increase in Muslim majority districts of west Bengal like North Dinajpur, Malda are either lower or same as population growth of Bengal. This proves that infiltration issue was deliberately agitated by Modi to pursue communal division and hate campaign against Muslims. BJP leaders in Bengal followed his footsteps. After coming to power BJP has eyed upon the 2016 West Bengal assembly elections. Now BJP has stopped practising countrywide communal riots & started practising Amit Shah-Modi tactics of fomenting local communal riots and polarizing non Muslim & Hindu – dalit votes. In the first three months of Modi’s regime Uttar Pradesh has witnessed more than 700 local communal riots, Bihar about 170, with the ensuing Delhi assembly election there also communal conflicts are being regularly manufactured by RSS activists & BJP MLA-MPs. In West Bengal they are trying to organize few local communal riots. They have been successful in organizing a few but that is not sufficient to foment sharp communal division in West Bengal. They are organizing RSS & Goraksha Vahinis to raise communal tension but a bomb blast creates more news & sensation. So there is a bomb blast!

There are few interesting twists and turns in Bardhaman incident which should be mentioned. One suspected terrorist was reported to be arrested from Dumdum in Kolkata. Immediately after the arrest newspapers made headlines. National & state BJP leaders issued statements that Kolkata is the safe haven for Muslim terrorists. Finally we came to know that the man was arrested from Murshidabad but that never became a headline. One Ms. Fatima has been arrested, she has been alleged to be a Jihadi. Newspaper reported that she told there was an Indian intelligence spy among the 5 involved in Bardhaman blast and he provided information. Now if this be so why cannot the blast be organized by intelligence team finally unearthing a jihadi group of Bangladesh and enjoying the benefit of blast by BJP-RSS nexus. We are all aware from Malegaon bomb blast and know that how hindu fascist RSS nexus are operating within Indian intelligence and security organizations. Now BJP-RSS in power they will help them definitely.

The Bardhaman blast has given impetus to BJP organization in West Bengal. After that BJP-RSS have started aggressive campaign in favour of Modi’s policies. Recently in Dumdum they blocked 60 trucks carrying cows to Bangladesh and released them on Jessore road, the cows started running which created huge chaos in the locality. They said that those cows were being smuggled to Bangladesh for slaughter. The media is tightlipped and investigative journalism by media barons on this issue is absent. But the question is: apart from cows many important items like oil, food products are regularly smuggled across Bangladesh border. Are they not illegal? Basically the cow issue will lead to a communal colour therefore BJP is interested in it.

Conspiracy? RAW-Mossad-CIA-ISI–RSS nexus?

Now there are lot of self contradictory reports observed in Bardhaman blast. Moreover few points needs to be discussed further. One is conspiracy issue in this bomb blast. Why conspiracy issue being raised here?

The conspiracy issue is not raised for the first time in blast case. If we remember Hemant Karkare’s death in Mumbai terror attack on 26th Nov 2008, it is still a mystery who killed and who instructed Mr. Karkare to fight terrorists without proper bullet proof jacket. It was Mr. Hemant Karkare who was getting life threat call because he was fighting Hindu terrorists of Malegaon blast, he unearthed the RSS connection in Malegaon blast. why he will be killed by Pakistani terrorists because his investigations would have exonerated Batla house accused and also Muslim boys arrested from Azamgarh would have been acquitted. In an article published in The Milli Gazette on February 2011 Mr. Amaresh Mishra a Congress leader has accused RSS & notorious Israel Intelligence agency Mossad nexus and alleged Mr. Rakesh Maria the Mumbai Anti Terrorist Squad (ATS) chief as Mossad agent.

Shyam Chand former minister of Haryana and author of Saffron Fascism in an article ’Ugly hidden face of terrorism : Vigilance is the price of liberty’ published in Mainstream weekly September 2008 exposed the conspiratorial activities of saffron terrorists. He said ‘Phone fakers were invented by the CIA & Mossad before 9/11 which was an inside job of both of them. The same phone fakers are used in India. Innocent people are arrested on the basis of calls made through this phone fakers.’ He also said ‘the nexus between RSS & Mossad is worth investigation’.

Urdu Journalist Aziz Burney and Amaresh Mishra during the terrible aftermath of 26/11 Mumbai incident stated that the event was a CIA/Mossad/RSS/ISI plot. They claimed that the IB knew about Headley, the double agent of CIA. The fact that the SIM cards used by the ten 26/11 terrorists were purchased by an Intelligence Bureau (India) (IB) informer. Till date, the investigations into the 26/11 case, which the IB was handling, have been unable to state as to how the ten terrorists got hold of the SIM cards. They alleged that if the chargesheet against Sadhvi Pragya & Raj Kumar Purohit in Malegaon blast is read then there will be ample evidence to find that pro Hindutva group RSS took crores of rupees from ISI and IB was aware of it. The visit of RSS top brass to meet Muslim fundamentalist leader in Pakistan after BJP s Lok Sabha election victory proves that the allegation may not be baseless.

In this background the JMB terrorist involvement in Bardhaman blast may be a greater conspiracy hatched by RAW-RSS-Mossad-CIA–ISI nexus which has given pro Hindutva BJP force an advantageous position to consolidate their organization in West Bengal.

In search of other voice

Post 9/11 western world tried to impose their anti terrorist narrative worldwide. Their state & media constructed ‘Islamophobia’ based on ‘circumstantial evidence’ avoiding ‘direct’ evidence. The fate of hundreds of innocent Muslims all over the world in the course of ‘Framed Damned Acquitted’ state is an unfortunate reality. India is no exception to this. Recently Manisha Shetty has published a book –‘Framed, Damned, Acquitted : Dossiers of a very special cell’. In this book of 200 pages all the innocent Muslim people who were framed by Indian state as Terrorists related to Al-Badar, Huji, Lashker–e-Taiba and finally acquitted by Indian court has been elaborately discussed. Late Subhadeep Chakraborty a documentary film maker in his film ‘After the Storm’ has shown the miserable condition of innocent Muslims who were framed by Indian security & Intelligence forces after they are acquitted. In another film he has shown 6 innocent Muslims who were killed by Indian state in fake encounter. Samir Khan was one of them who was killed in 22nd October 2002 and finally proved to be innocent by Gujarat High Court. The story of Prof. Gilani in parliament attack case & several Muslim youth rounded up from Azamgarh repeats the same story. It is very unfortunate that the parliamentary lefts are also speaking the same narrative. CPM leader & Ex-CM of West Bengal Mr. Buddhadeb Bhattacharya during his tenure stated that Madrasas are birthplace of Muslim terrorists. Immediately after Bardhaman blast CPM West Bengal state secretary Mr. Biman Bose reacted and issued similar statement as that of BJP. When we look at the Bardhaman blast we should not forget all this history.

To conclude, we have to challenge the mainstream narrative of ‘war against terrorism’ with alternative logical data and other voice. RSS ploy in Bardhaman blast appears to be part and parcel of that global conspiracy. Every secular democratic citizen must contend them without diluting their fight against all forms of terrorism and fundamentalism.