BJP’s Communal Designs Condemned

UP Committee of CPI(ML) New Democracy has condemned the BJP’s nefarious plan to unleash communal violence in Uttar Pradesh utilizing the minor controversy over installation of a loud speaker in a Shiva temple in village Akbarpur Chanderi near Kanth. Moradabad. BJP MPs Sarvesh Kumar Singh and Satyapal Saini, notorious Sardhana MLA Sangeet Som, MLA Rajesh Chunnu and others have come from outside and have been camping in the area for last 20 days, making determined effort to unleash violence against the majority Muslims of the village by whipping up emotions around the temple and using the loud speaker as an excuse.

The temple, used mainly by approximately 10% dalit population of this Muslim majority village has been using loud speakers only on special occasions like Shivratri that too hiring it. After the parliamentary elections, Moradabad MP Sarvesh Kumar Singh gave money for purchasing and installing a loudspeaker. While the loud speaker had been installed on June 16, it is claimed to have been removed by district authorities on June 29 after compromise between the communities. The Mahapanchayat plan and the vicious communal campaign by RSS and its various wings have been unleashed by persons entirely from outside the village and area. BJP is trying systematically to communally polarize the people in Moradabad and UP and also trying to use members of oppressed castes as foot soldiers of their Hindutva campaign.

The SP govt. has deliberately allowed this campaign by BJP leaders without charging these perpetrators of communal crimes as it seeks political mileage from the controversy. Its local MLA Anis-ur-Rahman belongs to this very village. The BJP has tried to make inroads into dalit votes of BSP which has proved unequal to the task of safeguarding dalit interests and has remained largely paralyzed.

The entire gamut of intiatives of the ruling BJP is on display – all round price rise of essential commodities, fuels and services in the name of past misrule, steep rise in railway fare and freight, furtherance of policy initiatives for corporate sector to ease land acquisition of farm land and displacement of farmers, immediate forest and environmental clearances for disaster and havoc creating ‘development’ projects, tougher working conditions for labour by severely undermining labour laws, communal conflagration in states to divide people’s unity and harmony and severe attack on peoples’ democratic rights in the name of ‘fighting extremist violence’. Just like India was ‘Shining’, now ‘Ache Din’ have come.