CPI-ML New Democracy

CPI(ML)-ND Condemns Prevention of Human Chain

The Delhi Committee of CPI(ML)-New Democracy strongly condemns the vile manner in which the RSS Central Govt controlled Delhi Police has disrupted the peaceful human chain formation and national anthem singing scheduled for today, 30th January, to mark the day as one on which the Constitution and its commitment to India’s diversity and secular principles is upheld. Those opposing the communal CAA NPR NRC project had planned a peaceful human chain in central Delhi around Red Fort and linking Rajghat from 3.30 pm. The Jamia Coordination was to start a peaceful March from the university to Rajghat from 2 pm to take part in the human chain. Around 2 pm a man holding a gun walked down the heavily policed road towards the Jamia university and fired at a student standing before rows of policemen who made no move to stop him. The student was removed to hospital bleeding from his hand and the protestors overpowered the shooter. The policemen who are watched without stirring till the man fired, promptly removed him to the safety to New Friends Colony police station, locked down the entire area, withdrew permission for the human chain, locked down the points where the people were to gather, dispersed everyone around Rajghat and thus have totally disrupted the peaceful protests scheduled for the day.

Separate protests in different forms are taking place against the heinous drama enacted by the Govt. and Police. Protestors gathered at 5.15 at Delhi Gate and sang the National anthem but some were picked up and others dispersed as soon as they tried to form a chain. Nearly five hundred of them have been detained and being taken to a Stadium in West Delhi while thousands have been dispersed. Thus the Delhi police working under the RSS-BJP Central Govt. disrupted the peaceful assertion by people of the Constitution’s guarantee of diversity and secularism. This Delhi police beat up tens of students sitting in Jamia library, tens of others peacefully protesting outside Jamia, protected and facilitated hoodlums beating up students and teachers in JNU and not a single policeman has been booked for this. The city faces assembly elections in just over a week and the Union Ministers, BJP MPs have left no stone unturned to totally communalize the city and force a communal polarization while they busily sell the country’s assets to Corporate.

The Party condemns the communal conspiracies of the RSS Govt. We demand action against the police officers at Jamia University who failed to stop the shooter. We call on all sections of citizens of Delhi to protsst against such incidents, come out against the communal CAA-NRC-NPR package and to unitedly defeat the communal conspiracies against the people.

January 30, 2020