CPI-ML New Democracy, Students

Police Attack on Girl Students of BHU Condemned

UP committee of CPIML New Democracy has condemned the brutal baton charge on peacefully protesting girl students of BHU and has demanded immediate suspension of all officials concerned including the Vice Chancellor, Proctor and administrative and police officials pending a judicial enquiry by a Woman Judge.
The baton charge was obviously consented to by the BHU VC and the district officials to quell the protest against eve teasing and to assert imposition of Hindutwa code of restrictions on girl students of BHU, against which they have been struggling since long.
The VC has not only been justifying acts of violence against the girls, he is lending moral support to eve teasers, the BHU proctor and guards who failed in their duty to prevent sexual harassment and the officials who led the cane charge on girls. This is integral to male supremacy which excuses sexual assaults against women and is in harmony with Hindutwa ideology.
In order to divert attention from the basic demand for security by the girls and not answer for his abject failure to provide it, he is giving lame excuses ‘no written complaint on Sept 21st’, ‘protest by outsiders and political forces’, ‘petrol bombs’, ‘politically motivated to trigger fiasco during Modi visit’. He does not explain why despite Supreme Court orders there is No Grievance Redressal Committee for complaints against sexual harassment, why girlshave had to demand light, night security guards, CCTv, etc. to prevent obnoxious acts of stone throwing and masturbating before the hostel by these anti soicals.
CPI (ML) New Democracy asserts that insecurity of women is on the rise under BJP rule. It demands suspension of all the concerned officials and a judicial enquiry into all the complaints of the girls. Simply transferring some officials will neither restore confidence in the students, nor will it ensure ‘Beti Bachao’, howsoever much the Prime Minister echoes the slogan on radio talks.