Com. Ashish Mital Released on Bail

(Posted by Com. Ashish Mital on March 24, 2020)
I was released on bail today at 6 pm. Police had notified only one case u/s 188, 269, 270 IPC and section 3 Epidemic Act. When the case was presented 4 cases against me.
A large number of peoples forces were very active to ensure my release. They included members of Nagrik Samaj, Allahabad, their lawyers team, members of various trade unions, students, peasant organizations and intellectuals and many of those who were active in the protests at Mansoor Park.
Umar and Fazal who had also participated in the Mansoor Park protest were falsely implicated yesterday in a fabricated complaint of attack on the police, booked u/s 307 and sent to jail yesterday itself. This case further highlights the communally biased attitude of the state govt. The lawyers team and pro-people forces shall to continue to struggle for their release.
Yesterday they was a big protest in and around the Mansoor Park area against these arrests while today there was a protest in Ghoorpur area (photos).

Today the police has forcefully uprooted the token protest of Mansoor Park as they have also done to Shaheen Bagh. Some arrests have also been made. The women protesters have shown real commitment for their cause by not surrendering and keeping the flame of struggle alive. It is a shining example of peoples resistance against forces of repression.

Revolutionary greetings
Ashish Mital
General Secretary, AIKMS
& Member, AIKSCC Working Group
Member Nagrik Samaj, Allahabad
March 24, 2020