CPI-ML New Democracy, Imperialism

Condemn Missile Attack by US and its allies on Syria

To insert itself as a military player in the war in Syria and to reassure its clients in the Arab world post the failure of its regime change operations in Syria, US imperialism along with UK and France fired over a hundred missiles targeting three sites in Syria. One was near capital Damascus and two were near the city of Homs. Many of these missiles were intercepted by Syrian Army, particularly those fired at the site near Damascus while others hit empty targets.

These air strikes on April 14 morning are blatant violations of sovereignty and territorial integrity of a UN member country. These air strikes are in utter disregard of international law and without approval of the United Nations. These air strikes were avowedly a reaction to the alleged use of chemical weapons by Assad regime in Douma in Eastern Ghouta. But these strikes were precisely timed before a team of Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) is scheduled to start its work later in the day. US, UK and France claimed that they have “evidence” that Assad Govt. had used chemical weapons but did not disclose it. US White House claimed that they acted on the basis of reports in media and by intelligence agencies but they would not share it. These imperialist powers acted as complainants, investigators and executioners, all themselves. Syrian Govt. and Russia had vehemently denied the use of chemical weapons. Russia further claimed that they had “irrefutable evidence” that there was no chemical attack and the whole operation was staged by UK’s intelligence agency. However, it is significant that US and its allies did not wait for OPCW investigation, they did not want any enquiry at all.

US Defense Secretary told the press that they had informed Russia through de-confliction channels that they would be entering Syrian air space. US commander also claimed that they selected targets which avoided the areas which could bring Russia into operation. US President also said that these were one time air strikes to give the message against “production, spread and use of chemical weapons”. It is also significant that Russia did not intercept war planes of US and its allies nor the missiles fired by them. In all probability this is a strike similar to the one conducted last year for the same reason.

It is clear that these air strikes had nothing to do with any use of chemical weapons. US has the largest stockpile of chemical weapons. It had used depleted uranium in Iraq and devastating weaponry in Iraq and Syria. Their motivation to conduct these strikes emanates from their increasing marginalization from Syria where Astana process led by Russia, Iran and Turkey is moving ahead to bring Govt. and opposition for a political settlement. US and its allies want to assert their role in the process and demand to be considered important players in the region.

Firing of these missiles into Syria by US and its allies is targeted to deliver a message to Turkey where Erdogan Govt. is planning to enter eastern part of Northern Syria where US has stationed troops to aid Kurd forces. It is the only region in Syria where US has direct military presence. Turkey has long been condemning US and its allies for support to Kurd led forces. It had earlier taken over a region segregating western part (Afrin enclave) from the area east of Euphrates River and has recently occupied Afrin enclave. Erdogan is threatening to enter eastern region of Northern Syria as well where US troops are stationed. Mistrust of US is growing among Kurds for its failure to come to their aid in Afrin.

For several weeks reports are going around that a big push on Damascus was being planned through Islamist rebel forces with aid of US air strikes. Syrian govt. launched an all out attack on Eastern Ghouta, situated close to Damascus and reportedly captured a large number of agents of the intelligence agencies of western powers as well as of Arab states. It is reported that this “gas attack” was fabricated by western intelligence agency to give excuse for the strikes by western agencies. It is also significant that western intelligence agencies are operating through Al Qaeda affiliate, a fact which has been covered up by the corporate media of the west.

Whatever the pretensions of the western imperialist powers, they are robbing the third world countries of their resources. Trump has been unapologetic about demanding a share of wealth of Gulf monarchies in exchange for the military protection provided by US imperialism. Saudi crown prince, Salman, has recently visited the three imperialist powers involved in these air strikes and made huge purchases from them. Obviously these ‘harbingers of democracy and human rights’ had no qualms in extracting wealth from the ruling family which is undemocratic at home and predatory towards neighbours, whose hands are soiled with the blood of Yemenis and of the innocents in their own country and neighbouring countries.

Last two decades have witnessed naked and violent pursuit of loot and plunder by the imperialist countries in the Middle-East when, to bring a new Middle-East in the then prevailing uni-polar world, they launched wars of aggression for regime change in different countries and to bring their resources under their direct control, seeking to turn back the wheels of history. In the aftermath of decline of US imperialism and collapse of unipolar world, Russia has militarily entered Middle-East and has emerged an important player in the region. In face of this challenge, US, UK and France are trying to assert their role in the region and these strikes are meant for that. Imperialism means war and growing imperialist contradictions and conspiracies are not only keeping the cauldron of war boiling, they are throwing the whole region into abyss of war and conflicts to rob the people of their resources. Control over petroleum resources and routes for taking away these resources remains the main motivation for these imperialist conspiracies whatever jargon they may employ.

Imperialist powers are facing growing discontent at home. Big capitalists ruling these countries are fanning anti-immigrant racist hysteria at home and are intensifying aggressions abroad. They, particularly US imperialism, are tearing away the ‘rule based global order’ and the international law to the shreds for the unbridled loot and plunder of third world countries.

CPI(ML)-New Democracy strongly condemns firing of missiles by US, UK and France into Syria. CPI(ML)-New Democracy calls upon the people to protest against these.

April 14, 2018