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CPI(ML)-New Democracy Condemns Killing of Sikhs in Kabul

On Wednesday (March 25, 2020) morning, fanatic terrorists attacked a Guru Hari Rai Gurudwara in Kabul. In their indiscriminate firing upon the worshippers they killed 27 of them and seriously injured 8 of them. This was a gruesome attack aimed at terrorizing minorities in Afghanistan. Earlier  this month, 32 persons (Shias) were killed when a mosque was attacked in Afghanistan.

Islamic State unit working in Afghanistan has claimed responsibility for the attack. Taliban had earlier denied any hand in the attack. Islamic State which is trying to expand its base and operations in Afghanistan is carrying out attacks on soft targets. It is worth recalling that IS operatives were brought or allowed to come to Afghanistan after the debacle they had suffered in Syria.

CPI (ML)-New Democracy strongly condemns this dastardly attack on the minority civilians. Terrorists who carried out this attack must be brought to book. Their nefarious designs must be exposed and their heinous activities be punished.

CPI (ML)-New Democracy notes with deep concern the rising attacks on the minorities in South Asia. This sub-continent which has historically been a place of shared life and shared aspirations is witnessing unchecked activities and increase in strength of the homophobic forces targeting minorities in the interest of their power games. The imperialist powers with their omnipresent tentacles have since long been using these terrorist assets and majoritarian forces to increase their loot and plunder of the sub-continent rich in natural resources, labour power and vast market.

CPI(ML)-New Democracy appeals to all progressive, democratic, secular forces to rise against such attacks and isolate the forces responsible for such attacks. We condole the death of those have fallen in this attack. People of countries of the region must realize that those who are sowing discord among the people and attacking minorities are enemies of the people and doing the dirty work of imperialist powers intent on subjugating the region and its people. People belonging to majority community have the main responsibility to fight such anti-people forces which kill minorities and have the larger aim of oppressing the entire people.

Central Committee,

CPI(ML)-New Democracy

March 26, 2020