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Jadavpur University students resist ABVP–RSS  communal  conspiracy

Jadavpur University students came to national news headline on 7th May, 2016. On 6th May the students of Jadavpur unitedly resisted the attack of ABVP-RSS goons in their campus. What happened on 6th May? During JNU incident and Rohit Vemula murder agitation Jadavpur students have shown strong solidarity that has annoyed BJP & RSS leadership. From that time they were planning to create communal tension within the campus, but very few students, only 10-20 out of 5000 students, were supporting them. They have floated a RSS backed platform “India Thinks” and planned to screen a film by Vivek Agnihotri on 6th May in Triguna Sen auditorium, Jadavpur. The Alumni association initially permitted them to screen but later on withdrew their permission. Students were ready to protest against the Hindutvawadi chauvinistic message of that film but had no objection regarding screening of that film. When the permission was withdrawn, ABVP with local lumpens assembled inside the Jadavpur University campus & started screening of that film in a ground. Hundreds of protesting students of all three faculties of university also started screening a film ‘Muzaffarnagar Baki Hai’ and shouting slogans against RSS-ABVP. Joint registrar of the University came to ABVP supporters and objected against screening of this film without permission. The democratic and left students told the registrar to allow them to screen their film but were protesting against the message of the film. Interestingly though the RSS organizers announced the programme under the banner of “India Thinks” but on 6th May they announced the programme as inaugural programme of Jadavpur University Unit of ABVP. That created a reaction among the students. Still they allowed complete screening of that film. It is a blatant lie that screening was not allowed. But when the programme was almost over and general students were dispersing, a gang of RSS hooligans led by one RSS leader, a lecturer of a college, abused girl students and molested them. That infuriated the general students.

This news spread like fire. Students everywhere in the campus chased them, 4 of them were caught by students while others ran way. They were intercepted and taken to Arabinda Bhaban –the administrative block of the University to hand them over to the administration. Meanwhile RSS –ABVP lumpens under the leadership of BJP leaders assembled at No .1 gate of Jadavpur University with hockey sticks and rods. They were trying to come inside the university premises but were stopped by university guards & administration. Vice Chancellor of the university came to campus on that night, they were also abused by those ‘swadeshiwalas’. Finally those four ABVP–RSS activists were handed over to police by university authorities. Then those goons assembled in Jadavpur PS and started vandalism. Students and teachers along with the administration then went to PS and lodged FIR against all those ABVP-RSS miscreants.

Next day on 7th May, the Chancellor of Jadavpur University, the infamous RSS man, present governor of West Bengal issued statement against the students but dared not to utter a single word against his RSS-ABVP comrades! But students of university remained united. In spite of examination schedule about 1500 students participated in a protest rally against this RSS attack in university campus. They have taken oath to resist saffronization & fascist onslaught in education campuses of India. They are now demanding immediate arrest of RSS-ABVP culprits and are ready to fight these communal cowards face to face!

Students in different universities are opposing RSS led attacks aided by Central Govt. These communal forces are hell bent on forcibly suppressing the democratic traditions of the university campuses and are particularly targeting the revolutionary left. Jadavpur University students are in the front ranks of this struggle of students against RSS-BJP attacks on education and institutions of higher learning to impose their regressive and reactionary agenda.