CPI-ML New Democracy

CPI(ML)-New Democracy Strongly Condemns Killings of CPI(Maoist) Cadres and Tribal People in Gadchiroli

Central Committee of CPI(ML)-New Democracy strongly condemns killing of cadres of CPI(ML)-Maoist and tribal people in Gadchiroli district in Maharashtra on April 22 & 23, 2018. Central and State Govts. are resorting to brutal tactics to suppress the struggle of tribal people in Dandakarnya region under the leadership of communist revolutionaries. These killings reflect the repression let loose by the ruling classes against the people’s struggles particularly against the struggles led by communist revolutionaries.

Killing of the injured and unarmed tribals in the name of ‘éncounter’ with CPI(Maoist) cadres has become a routine template of the security forces in their all out war against the people in these regions. It is part of their efforts to take control of the mineral rich region through physically eliminating the communist revolutionaries and rendering tribals leaderless and helpless and thereby incapable to resist the onslaught of the ruling classes, foreign and domestic corporate. In these attacks the security forces keep no regard of the democratic rights of the people. They do not respect even the laws of war though they themselves claim to be at war with CPI (Maoist).

Killing of unarmed tribals in cold blooded murders is not accidental but a deliberate act to terrorize the tribals who are also arrested on trumped up charges and incarcerated in jails for long periods of time. This is part of the tactics of ruling classes to inflict collective punishment on the people for daring to resist the onslaught of the ruling classes. State machinery’s lawlessness and refusal for accountability is part of fascisization of the state and must be fought back by democratic movements and organizations.

Though suppression of communist revolutionaries through security forces has been a longstanding and long practicesd policy of the ruling classes, this has been further intensified under the RSS-BJP Govt. which represents the most reactionary fascist wing of the ruling classes. RSS-BJP Govts. at the Centre and in different states are killing the people under different pretexts to terrorize the oppressed sections as over 1500 ‘éncounters’ in UP indicate.

CPI(ML)-New Democracy demands that an independent enquiry be held into Gadchiroli killings during April 22-24. CPI (ML)-New Democracy calls upon all the democratic, progressive and revolutionary forces to oppose this policy of physical liquidation of communist revolutionary cadres and build a strong movement against this. CPI (ML)-New Democracy also appeals to democratic rights organizations to raise their voice and expose these murderous onslaughts of the RSS-BJP Govts. against the people, particularly against the communist revolutionaries.

Central Committee,

CPI(ML)-New Democracy

April 28, 2018