CPI-ML New Democracy

Delhi : Hike in taxes on diesel and petrol condemned

Delhi Committee of CPI(ML) New Democracy strongly condemns the move of the Government of NCT of Delhi to hike the prices of petrol and diesel. The government has added VAT on these products to increase the price of petrol by Rs. 1.67 and that of diesel by 7.10! This is done in the name of generating revenue.

The Kejriwal government is making too much of a hue and cry about lack of revenue. The fact is that it has hardly spent for people in the time of pandemic driven crisis. The conditions of the  shelter home are deplorable and the number is low. The much hyped hunger relief program is high on propaganda and little on reality. In the schools or other places, where food is being distributed huge queues assemble only to be disappointed in the end as food is not enough, and one gets it only after standing for hours in queues. A large chunk of this food is being supplied by Civil Society organizations, RWAs, Gurudwaraas and other non government sources. The scheme of e-ration coupon is also a gimmick. Initially people were not able to connect to the server, and now when they can, the wait list is for more than two weeks! And in many places they are not even given full promised kit.

Similarly, out of lakhs of construction workers less than 50,000 got much propagated Rs. 5000. Similar is true in the case of TSR, E rickshaw owners.

Government has totally failed to ensure the payment of wages for the month of March, and now even wages of April are also due. No initiative is seen to resolve this issue.

It has been well reported that domestic violence has increased during the lockdown period. To top this, the Kejriwal government has decided to open liquor shops suddenly on the pretext of generating revenue. This step was taken without any preparation. The result was chaos. This became an excuse for the price hike of liquor, which was already an agenda. This step will further result in domestic as well as social discord. This is done by the government who tried to woo the women voters but now has completely ignored it in the name of revenue generation.

And now when people are anyway hassled with lock down, this imposition of VAT is totally unwarranted. The argument that people are not moving due to lock down is not valid. Steep hike in diesel prices will see hike in transportation cost. In a place like Delhi, where most of supplies come from outside, it will in turn result in hike in the prices of essential commodities like vegetables, fruits, milk etc. and increase the burden on already suffering masses- who have lost jobs, not received salaries.

We once again condemn this move of the government and demand that this be rolled back. We call upon the people of Delhi to unitedly and strongly oppose the move.