CPI-ML New Democracy

Initiate and Participate in the Struggle Against Citizenship Amendment & NRC

Mobilize the people against Hindutva Fascism

People’s anger against blatantly communal, patently anti-people and brazenly anti-Constitutional amendment to Citizenship Act by RSS-BJP Govt., has seen outbursts of people’s anger at several places in the country. People everywhere are opposing this measure, a part of RSS’s Hindu Rashtra project, but at many places this opposition has assumed the form of people’s defiance and even uprising.

The entire North East has people flowing on the streets like boiling lava. There are already 5 officially reported dead in state violence in Assam while protests of the people are unending in the entire area. Tripura has witnessed vast people’s mobilization. Army has been deployed in Assam and Tripura. Meghalaya has seen big mobilization in protests and so has Manipur. Other North East states are also total rejection of this horrendous Amendment Act by the people. Central Govt. has been shaken by these protests and Home Minister has hinted at amending the Amendment Act. But people do not believe these past masters in lying, deceiving and dividing the people.

West Bengal is seething with anger and there are huge demonstrations. All the states including capital Delhi are witnessing huge mobilizations against this communal Act. But the RSS-BJP Govt. is deepening its conspiracy to divide the people. It is trying to suppress the protests and engineer violence to paint them as disruptive of the ‘law and order’. While paramilitary forces, even Army, is being mobilized to crush the protests, police, agent provocateurs and RSS cadres are being mobilized to unleash mayhem of violence and vandalism. Curfews are being clamped, internet and mobile services, peaceful assemblies prohibited and protesters targeted. This is happening in state after state, region after region and city after city. Many parts of the country are tasting what the people of Kashmir are facing for the last four and a half months and the whole country is being turned into an open prison on the pattern of Kashmir.

Yesterday, people of Delhi witnessed open display of this conspiracy. Peaceful protest of students, teachers of Jamia Milia Islamia and democratic people was dispersed by use of force by Police, then agent provocateurs and cadres of ruling outfit moved to unleash violence to tarnish the image of protesters and finally police moved into University Campus including Library, lobbed tear gas shells into University, dragged the students out and mercilessly beat them causing grievous injury to many and taken a large number of them to Police Stations. Police violence was also unleashed in Aligarh Muslim University where police entered the campus and brutally assaulted the students.

Students and teachers, democratic and progressive sections came forward to oppose this naked dance of tyranny. Thousands assembled at police headquarters in Delhi. Protests erupted in Jadavpur, Hyderabad and several other Universities.  Attacks on the students have been reported from several universities including Lucknow. Democratic sections have stood up to be counted. People are not falling prey to the conspiracies of RSS.

CPI(ML)-New Democracy calls upon all democratic, progressive forces and people’s organizations to come out in protest and launch vigorous movement against Citizenship Amendment and RSS-BJP Govt. attempt to suppress the movement through brute police force and communal diversion.

All Party Committees and units should take initiative to develop people’s protests and mobilize the people through party or mass organizations into these protests. Central Committee of CPI (ML)-New Democracy calls upon concerted efforts to take up protests from December 17 to 24.

Central Committee,

CPI(ML)-New Democracy

December 16, 2019