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Manufactured Plot part of the fascist drive

After the arrest of five persons allegedly linked to CPI (Maoist) from Mumbai, Nagpur and Delhi, Central and Maharashtra Govt. are publicizing an alleged plot to ‘kill’ Prime Minister Narenda Modi. They have claimed to find a letter outlining such a plot from the computer of Rona Wilson, a leading functionary of Committee for Release of Political Prisoners. This letter allegedly from a central leader of CPI (Maoist) covers almost all the forces ranged against RSS-BJP.

Neither the origin of this patently planted letter nor its targets are much in doubt. It tries to kill many birds with this single stone. But its special targets are the rising struggles of Dalits and the democratic rights movement in the country. Ruling elites of RSS-BJP are uncomfortable with the struggles of Dalits for economic, social and political justice, incorporated in the Preamble of the Constitution itself. This assertion for equality and against discrimination is opposed to very nature of Hindutva which is in essence Brahmannical assertion of upper caste hegemony in society. While they may tolerate a few from among the oppressed castes to be accommodated in positions of power, they just cannot tolerate struggle for social equality, totally ruled out by their Manusmriti. Hence, they are preparing ground for ruthless suppression of such struggles in Gujarat, UP and Maharashtra.

Their another important target is democratic rights movement whom they wish to brand as urban Maoists, thereby demonstrating their utter contempt for the democratic rights of the people. It is not at all surprising from a fascist organization like RSS which is currently ruling at the Centre. They have no tolerance even for the liberal sections among the ruling classes, former President Pranab Mukherjee’s recently delivered lesson on tolerance notwithstanding. It demonstrates the plan of RSS-BJP to crush the civil liberties and democratic rights movement in the country.

At a time when RSS-BJP Govt.’s economic policies are playing havoc with the lives of the common people, its social policies of targeting Muslims, Dalits and other oppressed sections of the people being increasing opposed by the people, its fascist drive being resisted by the broad sections of people, RSS-BJP Govt. is hitting in all directions and targeting all forces fighting against this fascist drive. It is not only trying to evoke sympathy from this alleged plot to assassinate the Prime Minister, its game plan is to intensify repression on the most consistent fighters against their fascist drive, the communist revolutionaries and to intimidate all those who dare to stand against their attacks on the oppressed sections e.g. Muslims, Dalits, Tribals and others and their attempts to increase exploitation of the toiling people e.g. workers and peasants.

The present situation poses a grave danger as the RSS fascist gangs have made deep inroads into the power structure. Their control over the executive machinery and deep communalization of the organs of power has been helpful in this. However, all their designs are doomed to fail as they run counter to the growing struggles and rising aspirations of the people. By criminalizing the people’s yearning for change, the ruling elite is delegimatizing itself.