Observe 23rd March as Anti-imperialist Day

On 23rd March 1931, Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev offered supreme sacrifice to free Indian people from the yoke of colonial rule. Their martyrdom is a shining example of the sacrifices given by the people of India in the course of freedom struggle. However, the ruling classes which came to power as a result of transfer of power by British imperialist rulers, have sought to keep India perpetually dependent on imperialism and keep India as a happy hunting ground for imperialist capital. The dreams of these great martyrs were not fulfilled in 1947 and the dreams for which they laid down their lives are yet to be realized. Their martyrdom has inspired and continues to inspire people of the country in their struggle against imperialist exploitation and rule of reactionary classes subservient to imperialist powers, in their struggle for a new India, genuinely independent and democratic.
This struggle has become all the more necessary and urgent as the present rulers have moved on to increase the stranglehold of imperialist capital on all aspects of economic life of the country. Their new economic policies represented intensification of imperialist loot and plunder of the country in which Indian comprador corporate, acted as partners. With the advent of RSS-BJP majority govt. at the Centre, this drive has been further intensified. They are planning to hand over rich mineral resources of the country to foreign and Indian corporate at the expense of Indian peasants, they are planning to increase profits of foreign and Indian corporate at the expense of ill paid and insecure workers, they are mortgaging future of Indian youth to the imperialist sharks. They are trampling under foot whatever has been achieved by the people through struggle, they are changing laws in favour of foreign companies and against the people. They are giving tax exemptions to big capitalists, particularly giant foreign companies. They are handing over defense production as well as insurance sectors to foreign capital. Their ‘Make in India’ is a camouflage for ‘Sell off India’.
Modi led RSS-BJP Govt. is tying the country to the chariot wheel of the global strategy of US imperialism offering Indian people as cannon fodder. Their foreign policy is openly aligned with US imperialism and its allies, aligning closer to Israel.
While serving imperialist powers, particularly US and its allies, RSS-BJP are disrupting unity of the people by fomenting communal violence against Muslim and Christian minorities. Their ‘nationalism’ is targeted against the poorest and most oppressed sections of the people including tribals, women and dalits. They are inverting the very concept of nationalism to further their reactionary and anti-national agenda.
In this situation, martyrdom of Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev is an inspiration for the struggle of the people against imperialist exploitation and oppression by domestic reactionaries. Their vision is in direct opposition to the strivings of Sangh Parivar. Ruling class politicians particularly those of Sangh Parivar try to separate martyrdom of these great patriots from their vision and ideals which led them to sacrifice their lives, turning them into icons harmless to the interests represented by these sections.
Observe 23rd March as Anti-Imperialist Day to expose the pro-imperialist character and policies of rulers. Oppose attempts to subvert and distort the vision of these great martyrs and rescue their vision to intensify the struggles of the people for genuinely independent and new democratic India.
Central Committee, CPI(ML)-New Democracy
March 18, 2015