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Observe Anti-Emergency Day

Offensive of Modi Govt. against the people of the country is bringing the memories of Emergency Rule back. In its eagerness to serve foreign and domestic corporate, Modi Govt. is going all out to attack not only different sections of the people but also the existing institutional framework coming in way. It has changed the existing Land Acquisition Law, it has changed labour laws to the detriment of workers, it has violated environmental regulations, in short it has done everything to hand over resources to foreign and domestic corporate and further depressed already low wages of workers.

In this drive Modi led Govt. is undermining different institutions. It is sidelining parliamentary procedures and is trying to control higher Judiciary. This offensive is coupled with attacks against minorities particularly Muslims. In different parts of the country Muslims are being attacked, their properties destroyed and their religious places brought down. RSS-BJP are unleashing a large number of such attacks to polarize the society and marginalize the minorities. There is a systematic attempt to communalize the education, history writing and historical research and make majority religious symbols as national symbols. For that they are appointing RSS nominees to head various bodies in the fields of education, historical research and culture. They are distorting and selectively projecting events from history to buttress their communal and expansionist agenda.

Modi led BJP Govt. is also trying to unleash jingoism particularly directed against Pakistan. They are trying to project an aggressive image directed against neighbouring countries. They claimed to have conducted a recent military operation in Myanmar and trumpeted it as new policy of aggression.

Modi led Govt. has particularly launched sharp attacks against revolutionary movement and people’s struggles. It has increased central forces against communist revolutionary movement.

This drive of Modi Govt. makes observance of the day when infamous Emergency was imposed on the night of 25th/26th June, 1975 by Mrs. Gandhi. Democratic rights of the people were trampled under feet, a large number of people put behind bars and press was gagged not to talk of suppression of struggles of peasants and workers, whose bonus was slashed under Emergency. Mrs. Gandhi sought to silence the growing opposition to her rule by unleashing a reign of terror. One should not forget that imposition of Emergency was preceded by brutal repression of communist revolutionary movement with its fake encounters, paramilitary camps and incarcerating thousands of revolutionaries. This fascist repression of revolutionary movement preceded the all round fascist repression even against opposition ruling class parties under Emergency.

Many a commentators and political leaders are seeing the danger of Emergency from Modi Govt.’s drive. Undoubtedly the developments are in that direction. We should expose the offensive of Modi Govt. and mobilize the people against this. We should particularly support and invigorate the struggle for civil liberties and democratic rights, particularly rights of struggling people. We should vigorously oppose the attacks on religious minorities and minority nationalities which are being targeted by Modi Govt. 

Observe Anti-Emergency Day! 

Intensify Struggle Against Attacks on Struggling People and Minorities!

Central Committee, CPI(ML)-New Democracy

June 19, 2015