CPI-ML New Democracy, Imperialism

Oppose US Decision to Recognize Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel : Support National Struggle of Palestinians


US President Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel makes US open partner in the Zionist crimes against Palestinians. The decision goes against several UN resolutions on Jerusalem and is a clear reversal of US stand on two state solution of conflict between Zionist Israel and Palestinians. The decision has been condemned by most of the countries and the people around the world. US Admn. is facing total isolation on the issue in the world.

Trump is a representative of the most reactionary sections of the US ruling bourgeoisie. He had tapped into the anger of the working people of America only to push reactionary, racist white supremacist and anti-people agenda. In this he is backed by the big capitalist supporters of Israel, the Jewish lobby, in USA.

While Govt. of Israel has obviously welcomed Trump’s move. Complicit in this move are rulers of Saudi Arabia, UAE and Bahrain who are forging close ties with Israel to save their undemocratic anti-people rule. This is an offensive of Trump Admn. in league with rulers of Israel and Saudi Arabia. They have been trying to force Palestinians to come to an agreement with Israel giving their national rights and forgoing their national aspirations. They want to force a settlement to intensify their war efforts to dominate the region which is largest supplier of petroleum products and has largest reserve. The developments in the region, particularly war in Syria and Yemen has gone against them.

Trump’s move marks intensification of the already deep contradictions which have engulfed the Middle-East. Long suffering Palestinians are being further trampled under feet in the drive of US-Israel-Saudis to dominate the region.

CPI(ML)-New Democracy condemns the silence of Modi Govt. on this decision of Trump Admn. Modi Govt. has been forging closer links with Israel which is against the Arabs and it is a reversal of Indian position of support to the rights of Palestinians.

CPI(ML)-New Democracy strongly condemns the Trump announcement and extends full support and solidarity with the struggle of Palestinians. CPI(ML)-New Democracy calls upon all democratic and peace loving forces to protest against this move. CPI(ML)-New Democracy calls upon all party units to organize protests against this US decision and to participate in such protests.

Central Committee, CPI(ML)-New Democracy

December 10, 2017