Peasant Organizations Call for Bandh & Resistance on September 25 against 3 Ordinances

All India Kisan Sangharsh Coordination Committee (AIKSCC)
Press Release | 17th September, 2020


Working Group of AIKSCC has decided to forcefully go ahead with its opposition to the 3 Agriculture Ordinances brought by the Central Government on June 5 and the new bills based on these or under consideration of the Parliament.

AIKSCC shall launch a massive resistance against these new Acts on September 25th with a call for an All India Bandh and Resistance Protests by Farmers as well as observe this year’s 114th birth anniversary of Shaheed-e-Azam Bhagat Singh on September 28th to highlight the Pro-Corporate, Anti-Farmer acts of the Central Government – the 3 Ordinances, the New Power Bill 2020 and the steep hike in Diesel and Petrol prices.

These 3 Bills/ Acts will completely stop Government procurement of crops, bringing to a grinding halt the price security for peasants as private mandis shall be set up and price and trade regulation of all cereals, all pulses, all oilseeds, onion and potato shall be removed from coverage under Essential Commodities.

Sri Nadda’s assurance that MSP will continue is a blatantly lie as Shanta Kumar committee appointed by this BJP govt declared that only 6% farmers enjoy benefit of MSP, that it should be wound up, that FCI and NAFED procurement should stop and that food grain supply under PDS should stop.

World over, in all countries, barring none, price security for farmers’ produce is always provided for by Government, not by companies, which only buy cheap to sell dear and earn huge profits. Crop once produced has to be sold, otherwise it will perish and lose value. BJP claims that food grain production has increased in India. More food grain requires more Government procurement, without which companies will bring down prices even faster. This BJP govt is batting strongly for the Corporate profit by opening up the entire food chain for them.

Farmers’ indebtedness has grown during BJP rule and is rising faster as input prices are being raised by the Government, as in Electricity and Diesel and by the Companies which will have freedom to contract peasant land and force them to buy dear under the new laws. Indian peasants and landless are committing suicide in huge numbers, almost two every hour, but despite slogan of ‘atmanirbharta’, the Government is selling their interest to big companies.

AIKSCC has appealed to all patriotic forces to oppose these Bills/Acts and to launch struggles to force the Central Government to pass the two bills proposed by AIKSCC for “Karja Mukti, Poora Daam”.

Media Cell | AIKSCC