Peasant Organizations Call for Countrywide Protest

Press Statement: 20th August, 2020

AIKSCC has decided to organize a nationwide protest against the three Ordinances passed and new Power Bill proposed by the govt on the day the parliament reopens.
This will be led by a symbolic protest by the members of the Working Group of the AIKSCC in Delhi at Jantar Mantar on the first day of the upcoming parliament session with member organizations holding protests on that day in state capitals/district/block offices. Farmers from all over the country shall participate in the Jantar Mantar program.
Further the AIKSCC shall present these issues to request all MLAs and MPs and to seek resolutions by elected bodies at all levels,  including panchayats, against these 3 Ordinances and other  anti peasant, pro Corporate measures.
AIKSCC also decided to organize state level protests where possible in which additional demands addressing issues of local farmers shall also be placed before the state govts.
Very soon the AIKSCC shall bring out educative material in the form of a booklet, posters and parchas to explain the grave impact of these Ordinances on the farmers, peasants, tenant farmers, landless and agriculture workers and tribals. This shall include all other pro Corporate, pro MNC, anti farmer decisions – Power Bill, Environment Impact, Diesel prices – taken by the central govt under the garb of lockdowns and ban on protests.
AIKSCC is already conducting a language based zoom meets and it shall run a regular live e-meet discussions/ presentations by AIKSCC working group members to educate the people.
The AIKSCC has been agitating for declaration of MSP of all crops at C2 cost of production plus 50% as per Swaminathan Commission recommendations with guarantee of purchase at that price.
The AIKSCC has strongly condemned the repression being leashed out to all peasant leaders and democratic struggle activists and has asked the govt to withdraw all cases  being filed against them (Akhil Gogoi, Balindra Saikia, others) in the garb of the Epidemics Act, the accusations of activists being Goondas, Gangsters, Terrorists and threat to National Security.
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