Peasant Organizations’ Call for Solidarity Day with Punjab peasants for Nov. 12



Call to Observe 12th November 2020 as “Solidarity Day” against Repression on Punjab Peasantry – Will Send 1 Lakh Emails to President of India Demanding Immediate Running of Goods Trains


AIKSCC Denounces Attempt of Delhi Police to Thwart Dilli Chalo Call for Gathering of Farmers to Protest Against Black Farm Laws of Central Govt.


AIKSCC has strongly protested against the vindictive step of Modi Government by not allowing operation of goods trains thus preventing supply of fertilizer, coal and other essential goods, to blackmail People of Punjab and unleash repression on the peasant struggle in Punjab.


Punjab is known as the granary of India since the inception of the so-called Green Revolution. Punjab has contributed to the food security of the country through a good network of roads and grain markets, and hard-working farmers and farm workers. Punjab is the only state where 100 % procurement of wheat and paddy is done on Minimum Support Price in open-ended procurement.


Under pressure from lobbies of agri-business corporations, the BJP government brought in 3 Farm Acts undemocratically, and these laws will end up demolishing the APMC system. These laws do not have anything related to MSP and procurement guarantee which has been the key demand of farmers of the country and Punjab for several years now. AIKSCC has formulated a law on the subject and placed it in Lok Sabha but that has been ignored by the Govt. The laws related to contract farming and amendments to Essential Commodities Act are also for the benefit of agri-businesses. Provisions and principles of protecting farmer and consumer interest have been removed through these laws. Farmers and farm workers all over India including Punjab, realise that these moves by the Central Government are against their interests and have been waging an intense struggle for the repeal of the laws. A Coordination Committee of peasants, workers and other sections of people of Punjab is fighting against the Central Farm Acts, from the last two months. This struggle is going on across the country with massive participation and the AIKSCC along with many other organizations and platforms have called for Delhi Chalo protest on 26-27 November 2020.


Meanwhile, the Central Government is hell-bent on blackmailing people of Punjab. All political parties of Punjab are supporting farmers’ just struggle and even BJP’s own farmers’ wing and its office bearers are standing in support of kisan movement. Punjab BJP unit is angered at the central government not listening to grievances of farmers. Ironically, Mr Modi’s government is inviting Punjab’s farmer organisations for talks, and at the same time, has stopped trains to Punjab.


Central Government had asked agitating farmers to clear railway tracks for movement of goods trains, and farmer’s organisations have assured the Central Government that they have cleared all tracks of goods trains. Despite this, Railway Ministry has put another condition that goods trains would be run only along with passenger trains, the service of which is in any case skeletal due to restrictions imposed by the Railways itself. Clearly, the Central Government is blackmailing and harassing the people of Punjab and this is unacceptable.


AIKSCC condemns this vindictive behavior of Government of India, and stands in full support of farmers, farm workers and other workers of Punjab. It calls upon the Government of India to ensure that goods trains are run immediately. AIKSCC appeals to all the peasant and agriculture worker organisations across the country to observe 12th November as Solidarity Day in support of the peasants, farm workers and other workers of Punjab. AIKSCC calls for sending 1 lakh e-mails by their village units to the President of India demanding that this vindictive action by Modi Government against the people of Punjab is stopped and goods trains to Punjab should be run immediately.


The mail id to President of India is given as below


Web Information Manager

Shri Kumar Samresh

Public Relation Officer, Museum

President’s Secretariat

Rashtrapati Bhavan

New Delhi – 110004

Email id: ksamresh[DOT]nbt[AT]nic[DOT]in

Phone: 011 23015321 Ext.: 4751


AIKSCC is appalled by the action of the Delhi Police in denying permission to AIKSCC for the Delhi Chalo protest gathering of farmers on 26-27 November. AIKSCC shall resist this illegal attempt of the Delhi Police and warns that efforts to sabotage gathering of farmers at Delhi will not be accepted by the farme |rs of India.


Media Cell | AIKSCC