Peasant Organizations condemn govt. announcement on MSP

All India Kisan Sangharsh Coordination Committee (AIKSCC)

Press Release – 22 Sept, 2020

  • Don’t fool Farmers. Wheat MSP is 1925. It is selling at Rs 1400 per quintal today.
  • Withdraw the 3 anti farmer, pro Corporate legislations.
  • Bring law for MSP at C2+ 50% and Govt Procurement at MSP.

AIKSCC denounces the MSP released by the Central Govt. in the wake of bulldozing 2 anti peasant Pro Corporate, pro MNC legislations through the Rajya Sabha as yet another diversionary tactics to camouflage its real anti Indian farmer intent.

The declaration is a raise of only 2.6% and is too meagre to meet the needs of rising livelihood costs.

Wheat MSP was Rs 1925 per quintal is selling today at Rs 1400 per quintal causing massive losses to farmers. If it is sincere to the farmers, the Govt should come forward and offer to purchase wheat at its declared Rs 1925.

It should be remembered that on two accounts, the diesel and petrol costs and electricity charges RSS-BJP led Modi Govt. has directly increased cost of living drastically. Taxes on fuel have been raised by more than Rs 11/ litre during Covid period and the new Power Bill, 2020 intends to withdraw all subsidies and charge all common consumers at Rs 10.20 per unit. Fertilizer subsidies have been withdrawn leading to rise in its cost and black marketing has increased. Other than that, costs of living, transport, education, health, etc have been rising with the govt regularly invoking privatization. The peasant has to draw all expenditures from the earnings from his land. This 2.6% increase is a cruel joke on the farmers of the country.

The govt has declared the MSP, poor as it is, under pressure of the movement of farmers, but has deliberately refused to incorporate any legal provisions to ensure compliance of procurement by the govt at its declared MSP.

That is the crux of the issue. Govt which calls itself Nationalist invoking religion, has legislated to allow Corporate and MNCs to establish Mandis on Indian rural soil. These MNCs will now purchase crops, bind farmers under contracts and force them to sell cheap. But there is no legislation to protect the price of the crop or its sale at that protected price.

AIKSCC demands immediate withdrawal of all three anti farmer legislations and a legal binding on the govt to purchase crops at a declared MSP of C2 + 50% as per Swaminathan Commission.

AIKSCC, Media Cell

Released by Dr. Ashish Mital, GS AIKMS, WG member, AIKSCC