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PMS Condemns Harassment of Com. Shamshad’s family

On 17th November night again 10 policemen, all male, raided Com. Shamshad’s house at around 11.30 pm. They abused the women, entered the rooms forcefully, threatened them for holding meeting and said he will be beaten black and blue if they find him.

Police has been out to arrest Com. Shamshad who had issued Party’s opinion on Supreme Court verdict in Ayodhya case. Large-scale harassment and witch-hunt has been launched by Yogi Govt.  to silence everybody giving opinion on the SC judgment trying to project that everybody is welcoming the verdict. Action has been taken in more than 8 thousand cases and 77 persons have been arrested.

Trying to arrest Com. Shamshad, police has been misbehaving with his family and harassing women. Two of his relations, a local comrade and his son, four persons had been kept in police station for over more than two days in police station without any charge.

On 15th November a meeting was held in Kiratpur in which 150 people including a large number of women participated. PMS leaders from Delhi, General Secretary Poonam Kaushik and Hina had also participated. A PMS delegation had met DM Bijnor who had assured against harassment of family members. And yet police continues to harass women of the family to terrorize the people.

November 18, 2019