Caste Oppression, Land Struggles

Punjab: ZPSC Foils Plan for Dummy Auction

Zameen Prapti Sangharsh Committee (ZPSC) has foiled the plan of the Punjab Govt. to conduct dummy auctions for Dalit share of panchayati land for which ZPSC is struggling for last few years and scored notable successes in this struggle.

Now utilizing the cover of Corona, conspiracies are hatched to snatch Dalit share of land. But people organized under the banner ZPSC held a mass protest before the Dist. Administration. The protest was held on May 28 defying the lockdown imposed by the police. In the course of demonstration people took out a rally through the town denouncing this conspiracy.

On May 29, people resist the dummy auction of Dalit land in Fatehgarh Chhanna Village in Sangrur district. Through this resistance people rebuffed the attempt to hold this dummy auction.