CPI-ML New Democracy

Red Salute to Com. Kanuri!

Today morning at 7:30 AM, longstanding stalwart of the revolutionary cultural movement, Com. Kanuri Venkateshwar Rao breathed his last.
He has left behind a rich legacy of the service to the revolutionary movement of Telengana, Andhra Pradesh and rest of the country being one of the most prominent contributor to the revolutionary cultural movement. His contribution in this field has been colossal and unparalleled.
His active life spanned Great Telengana Armed Struggle and Godavari Valley Resistance Struggle. He had joined Praja Natya Mandali in 1945. He was arrested in 1949 and released in 1951. In 1956 he moved from Krishna district to Warangal. He was a founder of Arunodaya.
He always stood for the communist revolutionary movement and against revisionism and reformism. He translated into songs and dances not only the lives of common peasants and workers but also their revolutionary strivings. He transmitted Party’s revolutionary message in his unique style to the broad masses of the people.
He wrote, sang and danced. He taught and trained generations of revolutionary cultural activists, many of whom played and continue to play prominent roles in the revolutionary cultural movement. His contribution lay not only in what he himself did, but also in what he enabled others to do. His songs continue to be sung by the revolutionary cultural activists and struggling people. His choreographic innovations continue to be followed.
He was always close to the people. His songs and dances were inspired by their lives and their struggles. He integrated himself completely with them which has been continues to be an inspiration to revolutionary cultural activists. He remained active almost to the very end.
Central Committee of CPI (ML)-New Democracy dips its red banner in the revolutionary memory of one of the commanders of the revolutionary movement in the cultural field. We vow to continue and intensify our efforts to develop the revolutionary movement for which he lived and breathed. We vow to contribute to the victory of New Democratic Revolution in India, a cherished dream of Com. Kanuri.
CPI(ML)-New Democracy also offers condolences to his sons and daughters.
Red Salute to Com. Kanuri!
Develop Revolutionary Cultural Movement!
Victory to New Democratic Revolution in India!
Central Committee, CPI (ML)-New Democracy
April 10, 2015