CPI-ML New Democracy

Statement on Publication of Final NRC

Central Committee of CPI(ML)-New Democracy expresses its serious concern at the exclusion of nearly two million (19,06,657) people for the National Register of Citizens (NRC). We have consistently opposed branding of Indians as foreigners on the basis of religious or linguistic consideration. We have also been expressing our opposition to communal and linguistic chauvinist propaganda and attacks against minorities. This propaganda and these attacks were ploys to divert the attention of the common people of Assam from the pressing concerns of their lives and livelihood, to channelize their anger into chauvinist channels to prevent and disrupt their struggles against exploitation and oppression and to consolidate the hold of ruling elite in Assamese society. (See CC comment on Draft NRC)

The final NRC was published today by the State Coordinator, NRC, Assam Mr. Prateek Hajela. According to an announcement, “Taking into account all the persons already included and after disposal of all the claims and objections and proceedings under clause 4 (3) of the Schedule of the Citizenship (Registration of Citizens and Issue of National Identity Cards) Rules, 2003, it has been found that a total 3,11,21,004 numbers of persons are found eligible for inclusion in the final NRC, leaving out 19,06,657 numbers of persons including those who did not submit claims.”

Those not included in the final NRC will now have to approach foreigners’ tribunal to submit and prove their claims. This would put grave burden on the poor sections of society.

CPI(ML)-New Democracy demands that human and legal rights of those not included in the final NRC be protected while Supreme Court should devise appropriate mechanism to give them proper opportunity to make their claims. Supreme Court should ensure that these people are not harassed or subjected to any ill-treatment and their rights to their means of livelihood and habitat are protected.

Central Committee,

CPI(ML)-New Democracy

August 31, 2019