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Strong Condemnation of Killings by CISF in Sitalkuchi (Cooch Bihar Dist., West Bengal)

Killing of four persons by CISF in Sitalkuchi in Cooch Bihar on April 10 (the day of fourth phase of polling in parts of West Bengal), shows the widespread abuse of Central forces by the ruling RSS-BJP. It is strongly condemned by CPI (ML)-New Democracy.

These killings show intensification of contradictions among ruling class parties in the backdrop of the drive of fascist forces ruling in the country to establish their full fledged control all over the country. The statements by the BJP leaders that many more than the four killed should have been killed demonstrates utter disregard of people’s lives besides despicable attempt to deepen communal divide. It is part of their calculated design to polarize the people of West Bengal on communal line. Killed were migrant workers who had come home to cast their vote.

Such incidents and reaction of Election Commission, having the responsibility of conducting ‘free and fair’ elections under the present system, show the extent to which these institutions have been compromised due to increasing control of Hindutva fascist forces. Central forces are controlled by the Central Govt. and hence cannot be treated as ‘neutral’ when the forces controlling the Central Govt. are going all out to capture power in West Bengal. Like state police is controlled by state govt., central forces are controlled by central govt. Terming criticism of the role of central forces as violation of model code of conduct without examining the role of these forces in the incident amounts to the Election Commission abandoning its very role as given by the Constitution.

Though poll-related violence is not new in West Bengal, these killings by Central forces without any conflict among political forces shows the biased role of these forces. Reportedly CISF fired on the people with the intent to kill as shown by the bullets hitting the upper parts of the bodies of the victims. It also shows that RSS-BJP are willing to go any extent to capture power in West Bengal.

Handling of this incident by Election Commission has put the spotlight on the role of Election Commission. The very polling schedule in Assam and West Bengal was tailor made for ruling RSS-BJP. Not only the election was stretched to eight rounds in West Bengal and to three in Assam, the schedule for different areas for designed to suit the campaign of RSS-BJP. While upper Assam where opposition to CAA is very pronounced was covered in the first phase, areas of West Bengal bordering Bangladesh where RSS-BJP are using CAA in their campaign, are to be covered in later phase separated by almost a month. Moreover Election Commission has been deaf to complaints about overt communal speeches of BJP leaders.

While condemning these killings by CISF, CPI(ML)-New Democracy reiterates its Call to Defeat BJP in these assembly elections. CPI(ML)-New Democracy is for all out struggle against the RSS-BJP fascist forces using all avenues to expose their fascist rule and mobilizing the people in their struggle against fascist rule.

CPI(ML)-New Democracy

April 12, 2021