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Tribal Convention held at Parvatipuram successfully

On 30th January 2015, nearly fifteen hundred tribals from various districts of Andhra Pradesh and Odisha border congregated in a rally and Convention at Parvatipuram to assert their rights over land, forest and natural resources. Under the banner of All India Kishan Mazdoor Sabha (AIKMS) and Lok Sangram Manch (LSM) the rally was started from the outskirts of the town and culminated at the convention hall, covering the main road of Parvatipuram enroute. Led by leaders of both the organizations, people marched raising slogans like ‘Give right over land’, ‘Repeal the anti tribal Land Acquisition Ordinance’, ‘Stop diluting Forest Rights Act to facilitate corporate loot of forest and its resources’, ‘Stop forcible displacement of tribals in the name of Pollavaram and bauxite mining’ ‘Resist the corporate driven attack on tribals’ rights by the Modi Govt’ etc.
The Convention began by 12 noon at the Rotary Hall where a Presidium consisting of Com. D. Suresh and Com. Kushnath Pradhan conducted the programme. After Com. Y. Sambasiva Rao, CCM of CPI(ML) New Democracy inaugurated the programme, one minute silence in the memory of martyrs of different tribal and peasant struggles was observed. In his inaugural speech Com. YSR said that revolutionary struggles of Naxalbari and Srikakulam had forced the Govt. to address the issues of tribals. Forest Rights Act 2006 recognized some of the rights of tribals and other forest dwellers, but the same has not been implemented in different states and land is being given to corporate. He called for intensification of struggle of tribals for their rights.
Addressing as the chief speaker, eminent intellectual and editor of intellectual Odia magazine Samadrusti, Sudhir Pattanaik said that the development model carried out by the ruling class has no use for tribals of our country. He urged the tribals to carry on continuous struggle to restore their right over land, forest and other resources.
Another intellectual guest and expert on Fifth Schedule, B. K. Manish, said that our constitution has denied the tribal people their rights to exercise their rights over land, forest and resources. Tribal people have been betrayed by our ruling elite all these years. Modi Govt’s offensive against tribals is the continuation of corporate driven policies of all previous Govts.
Com. Gummadi Narsaih, Ex MLA of CPI(ML)ND in his speech described the pathetic situation of the tribals during the tenures of different Govt of different ruling class parties. He urged the tribal people of both the states to wage struggles over land and forest and resist the onslaught of both Modi and Chandrababu Naidu Govt.
Com. Bhalachandra, CEC member of AIKMS, said that though tribals consist of 8% of our population they are the worst sufferers of this development model. While the ruling classes were unable to provide rights over land and forest in the last six decades they are now trying to snatch whatever rights were given to the tribal people in the name of development. While Modi Govt is serving the interest of corporate by waging war against the rights of tribal people and trying to hand over the resources rich tribal areas to them, RSS and its organizations are creating a communal divide among the common masses by raising Hindutva agenda.
CEC member of AIKMS and President of Telengana state unit, Com. K. Rangaiah, in his speech said that since 1947 tribal people have been the worst victims of development carried out by the country’s ruling class. The proposed Pollavaram dam of both Central and state Govt will be disastrous for lakhs of tribals by displacing them from their land, forest and livelihood.
CEC member and A.P. State secretary of AIKMS, Com. P. Durga Prasad, in his address urged the tribal people to wage militant struggle to protect their rights over land and forest.
POW AP state president Com. P. Laxmi and AIKMS leader Com. T. Prakash also addressed the Convention.
Cultural activists of Arunodaya led by Comrade Rama Rao performed dances and sang revolutionary songs in the course of the programme.
In the end 13 resolutions opposing Land Acquisition Ordinance, proposed amendments in the Forest Right Act, proposed Pollavaram dam and bauxite mining etc were passed.