Turkey : Bomb Blasts at Peace Rally

Peace Rally against growing attacks by Turkey state forces against Kurd fighters, called by Kurdish organizations and Labour Unions was disrupted by two bomb blasts which killed nearly a hundred people and seriously injured more than two hundred participants. Death toll is expected to rise as more and more people succumb to their injuries. These bomb blasts have come merely three weeks before the parliamentary elections in Turkey which ruling Peace and Development Party is determined to win. Since failing to win in last parliamentary elections largely due to strong showing by HDP supported by Kurds and a section of workers, Erdogan and AKP have torn away their ceasefire agreement with Kurds and launched a series of attacks against PKK intensifying armed conflict in Turkey. Earlier in June 2015 bomb blast had killed 32 Kurds in Suruc. HDP leader, Demitras, has blamed Turkish Govt. for these blasts. He has labeled Erdogan Govt. as ‘Mafia Govt.’ behaving like a ‘serial killer’. Rallies have been held across Europe against this attack on Peace Rally.

Ever since Muslim Brotherhood (MB), AKP being a new incarnation of MB, leader Erdogan, after the upswing in people’s struggles in Arab world, started executed his expansionist plans to countries of Middle-East and in particular toppling Assad regime in Syria to bring that country into its orbit, the conflict inside Turkey has grown. As Turkey became the main conduit of money, weapons and fighters pouring into Syria, peace in the bordering areas of Turkey was dispersed. Areas bordering Syria have a large presence of Alevis who oppose Turkey’s military adventure in Syria. Syria with the help of US imperialism expected a swift and short war resulting in ouster of Assad regime. But the civil war in Syria has dragged for four years. It has led to rise of Kurd forces controlling Kurd areas of Syria which has alarmed Erdogan Govt. His Govt. supported Islamic State (IS) attack on Kurd forces in Kobane and refused any support by Kurds to Kobane Kurds fighting IS forces. However, Kurds defeated IS in Kobane and rule over Kurd areas of Syria.

Seeing the failure of Islamic groups in overthrowing Assad regime and later in defeating Kurds, Erdogan Govt. joined war in Syria ostensibly to attack IS but really bombed Kurds. Its drive to create ‘no fly zone’ in northern Syria too failed as well as its design to carve out an area for its military operations. Erdogan Govt. had an agenda of increasing its military presence in Syria to crush Kurds and depose Assad. But with the entry of Russia into conflict, Erdogan’s agenda faces serious obstacles. However, with Erdogan pursuing open war against Kurds turned Kurds against him and HDP could enter Turkish Parliament securing more than 10% votes and depriving AKP of majority. Erdogan’s plans to increase Turkish and MB influence in Arab world created a backlash. But Erdogan and his MB incarnate AKP are determined to hold on to power and are willing to resort to all crimes to achieve their end. It is significant that Erdogan who got himself worldwide fame by Israeli Govt. against Gaza, is silent over the recent attack by Zionist govt. against Palestinians in West Bank and Gaza.

Developments in Turkey are a warning to the people of India as Modi led RSS-BJP Govt. is pursuing regional hegemonist agenda taking support from US imperialism. Modi led Govt. has spoilt relations with neighbouring countries. While US imperialism in pursuit of its global interests is utilizing India, Modi Govt. is becoming a partner in this endangering regional peace and worsening India’s relations with neighbouring countries. Turkish situation should warn the Indian rulers of what lies ahead in this perilous path.

Central Committee, CPI(ML)-New Democracy

October 11, 2015