Democratic Rights

VIRASAM General Secretary Prof. Kasim’s Arrest Condemned

Continuing its attacks on the democratic rights activists along with the revolutionary movement and intellectuals supporting the struggle of the oppressed people, police of TRS Govt. of Telengana on January 18 raided the house of Prof. Kasim who is teaching in Osmania University at Hyderabad. Without any notice or prior information state police raided his house, searched indiscriminately and seized his books and teaching material. He was arrested and cases have been foisted against him including under UAPA.

Prof. Kasim was recently elected as Gen Secretary of Revolutionary Writer’s Association, popularly known as VIRASAM, only one week ago in its Conference, held in Hyderabad on 11, 12 of January 2020. VIRASAM has as yet not been bifurcated. So VIRASAM is working for both Telugu states, i.e. Telangana and AP.

All democratic and progressive forces of both Telugu states have condemned this arrest of Prof. Kasim and foisting of cases against him. High court of Telengana has also deprecated such practices of Telengana police and have ordered physical presence of Prof. Kasim before the Chief Justice of the High Court on Sunday, i.e. 19th January.

There is urgent need of all progressive and democratic forces- parties, mass organizations and individuals to unite against the attack of the TRS Govt. against all sections of people including working class, peasantry especially tribals and targeting revolutionary forces including intellectuals standing in support of the people’s movements. A broad based movement against this attack on the democratic rights is urgently needed to challenge this brutal suppression of people’s movements and rights.

Jnauary 19,2020