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Women Did Not Kneel- Defeat of Manuwadi Forces!

IFTU: Condemn RSS Govt’s Male Police Crackdown on Women Protestors in Delhi under Corona Garb!

Women Did Not Kneel- Defeat of Manuwadi Forces!

 In a horrible, indefensible and patriarchal show of state strength, Modi Govt’s Policemen cracked down on Women protestors at Shaheen Bagh in the early hours of Tuesday morning on the 101th day of protest. In a bizarre defiance of orders of lockdown to prevent the spread of Corona virus hundreds of police gathered in the area and stormed the protest site where, in deference to the lockdown call, women protestors were present in regulated number. Videos show male police grabbing and pushing the women. The same site had seen the creative response of the protestors on 22nd in response to Janata Curfew, when women kept a token presence and placed their slippers at the site to mark their protest.

Police has since also forcibly shut down the Turkman Gate and Jaffrabad protest sites.

The Modi Govt is trying to gag under police boots, the outcry all over the country against the Manuwadi Hindu Rashtra project of CAA NPR NRC. These women protests have given continuity and energy to the protests by women, Dalits, Adivasis, working class, and so many other sections opposing the project. Shaheen Bagh was in the forefront. But lockdown and Sec 144 is being used to fight democratic rights, not the epidemic. Gathering hundreds of police at one place shows the Modi Govt’s total lack of concern for the health of the people. This includes the health of the hundreds of police personnel who have hardly been able to practice social distancing!

IFTU condemns the police crackdown. We demand withdrawal of NPR NRC CAA package by the Central Govt so that the people unitedly can seriously concentrate on fighting the deadly novel corona virus. After all, callousness of Govts has placed this whole burden on our shoulders.