Workers Go on Strike; Hold Rallies

We are giving here a press release issued by National Committee of Indian Federation of Trade Unions (IFTU) on the occasion of One Day Strike observed by workers throughout India. Covering several sectors and almost all state, working class expressed its intent of struggle against anti-worker four Labour Codes enacted by RSS-BJP Govt. It is hoped that this strike action will sound a bugle of determined and broad struggle against this most sinister attack against the working class of India.

Press Release                        

The National Committee of IFTU congratulates the working class of the country for making the General Strike on 26th a success. Huge rallies, demonstrations were held throughout the country with many industrial areas witnessing total strike by the workers. In the banking sector, the jute, coal, beedi and other sectors there was big participation by the employees and workers in the strike.

The strike has shown the mood and strength of the working class in opposing the anti-worker policies of the NDA government. It is a step forward in building the needed sustained movement to push back these policies.

The IFTU condemns state violence on the fighting peasantry yesterday and contends the peasants have every right to match to Delhi against the anti-farmer policies of the government.

Aparna           Pradeep    

President        Gen. Secy.

November 27, 2020