Month: April 2019

CPI-ML New Democracy

50 Years of CPI(ML)

Fifty years back, on April 22, 1969, on the centenary of the birth of Lenin, Communist Revolutionaries of India who came out of the CPI(M) formed revolutionary Communist Party CPI(ML). The formation of CPI(ML) was announced in a Rally held on 1st of May, 1969. Formation of CPI(ML) was the […]

IFTU Trade Union

IFTU CALL on May Day 2019

HOLD ALOFT THE BANNER OF STRUGGLE! FIGHT FOR JOBS AND IN DEFENCE OF JOBS! FIGHT FOR REGULARISATION OF JOBS! “The first and great necessity of the present, to free labour from capitalist slavery, is the passing of a law by which 8 hours will be the normal working day.”This was […]

Elections Press Release

CPI(ML)- New Democracy Call on 2019 Lok Sabha Elections

Rally Against Hindutva Fascist Offensive of RSS-BJP Struggle against Agrarian Distress and Industrial Stagnation, Unemployment and Privatization of Health & Education Rise in struggle against attacks on Workers, Peasants, Tribals, Dalits, Muslims and Women Oppose attacks on Communist Revolutionaries and Struggling Forces; Fight for Democratic Rights of the People Vote […]