Month: August 2019

CPI-ML New Democracy

Severe Repression in Kothagudem (Telengana) : Total Suppression of Democratic Rights

Central Committee of CPI(ML)-New Democracy strongly condemns the reign of terror let loose by the Telengana Govt. against the leaders and cadres of CPI(ML)-New Democracy. Yesterday, i.e. on July 31 large police parties had attacked a team of Party activists and killed Com. Linganna, a member of Telengana State Committee […]


Trivializing, Evading, Communalizing Desertion- The Triple Talaq Bill Criminalizes A Talaq –which –Isn’t!

The Supreme Court of India has already upheld that triple talaq is not valid- is no talaq at all, and the marriage contract shall be therefore deemed continuing to stand unless terminated by valid divorce proceedings. It also cited that most Islamic countries had also done away with this form […]