Month: June 2020


AIKMS : Govt.’s ECA, Contract Farming measures; MNCs control, black marketing, inflation to rise

Press Release – 04.06.2020 Central Govt’s latest 3 ordinances passed yesterday are akin to a triple murder of peasants, farm labour and consumers in one go. They will seriously jeopardize small farmer production, small survival savings of peasants, agricultural wages and food prices. The “Essential Commodities Act” was established to “ensure […]


IFTU on Gujarat Industrial Killings

RSS BJP Govts Throw Out Labour Laws & Industrial Safety; Negligence Deaths Escalate! In line with the series of industrial ‘accidents’ being reported as minimum safety precautions are willfully dumped in hasty re-openings after the anti worker lockdown, comes news from industrial area Bharuch in Gujarat. A boiler blast in […]