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Immediately Release Activists Arrested in Bhima Koregaon Case: Prosecute RSS leaders who orchestrated violence against Dalits

Two years after the violence orchestrated by known RSS leaders against Dalits on the occasion of Bhima Koregaon celebrations in January 2018, FIRs were registered by Pune Rural police against the main culprits who are yet to be arrested. While the processing of these cases has not even started, cases have been registered against many civil rights activists and hundreds of Dalits alleging that violence was planned at the Elgar Parishad held a day earlier in 2018 in Pune city. Not only were cases registered, 9 civil rights activists have been in jail on vague allegations that they are linked to Maoist plot to fan violence.

When the new dispensation took power in Maharashtra weeks earlier, the new CM Udhav Thackery assured a review of the cases and withdrawal of the minor cases. Sharad Pawar of NCP called for withdrawal of the cases against the civil rights activists. Nothing concrete has been done though. The newly sworn in CM of Jharkhand withdrew all the Pathalgadi associated cases which were thrust on those opposing the anti tribal policies of the erstwhile RSS govt., in particular amendments to CNTA and SPTA. It is even more regrettable that the cases filed by Pune rural police station have not been proceeded as yet nor the accused arrested. It must also be demanded that the accused be immediately arrested in cases in Pune Rural police station against RSS leader Sambaji Bhide and other Hindutva leaders guilty of planned violence against Dalits.

Democratic forces must raise the demand for withdrawal of all the cases lodged as an afterthought against civil rights leaders and activists allegedly in connection with the Elgar Parishad.  They must be set free without delay.

January 3, 2020