CPI-ML New Democracy

On Fifty One Years of CPI (ML) Formation

Advance Revolutionary Movement; Strengthen the Party

On April 22, 1969 Communist movement in India was reorganized for the 2nd time and Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) was formed.  CPI (ML) was formed by All India Coordination Committee of Communist Revolutionaries (AICCCR) on the day when great teacher of the world proletariat V.I. Lenin was born. This 22nd April also marks 150th Birth Anniversary of Lenin.

CPI(ML) was formed to free communist party from the morass of revisionism and neo-revisionism in which it had got enmeshed, to reinstate the path of liberation of India from imperialism, comprador bureaucrat capitalism and feudalism oppressing the people of India making New Democratic Revolution to march ahead to bring socialism and communism. CPI(ML) was formed as a result of the revolt of the revolutionary communists against parliamentary path which dominated the leadership of CPI(M) which itself was formed in revolt against Dangeite revisionism of CPI. CPI(ML) was formed to rid the communist revolutionary movement of different hues of revisionism and especially its embodiment in parliamentary path pursued by CPI and CPM, and to pursue path of October Revolution i.e. armed overthrow of the state of exploiting classes which in India is Armed Agrarian Revolution. Thus it was a culmination of the two line struggle in Indian Communist movement between people’s war path and parliamentary path. This break came about due to implementation of people’s war path line in North Bengal amidst raging flames of class struggle.

It has been fifty one years since the Party was formed. Over this long period, we have been working for New Democratic Revolution and are still working to make it victorious. Fifty one years is not a small period and India awaits its revolutionary transformation. However, the present situation cries for the need of revolution and the basic positions of CPI(ML) i.e. basic aspects of its programme and path are still relevant and point the way for accomplishing revolution in India. On Fifty Years of CPI(ML) formation last year we had outlined these positions and shown their continuing validity for building and advancing revolutionary movement in India.

This fifty one years have been and could not but be, years of continuous struggle to develop the revolutionary movement mobilizing the people braving state repression and attacks of class enemies. These years have also been years of ceaseless struggle in defense of the revolutionary line against revisionism and right and ‘left’ deviations. These years have furnished valuable experiences and lessons which will help the revolutionary forces in their struggle for New Democratic Revolution in India.

One of the most negative features is division among communist revolutionaries. While ideological political struggle inside the Party and movement are inevitable and welcome, split among communist revolutionaries is not inevitable, in fact it is very damaging. Let us move to overcome the division and move towards unity.

This year we are observing the Party foundation day amidst a lockdown which is in force. Govt. measures to control the Corona outbreak only demonstrate their anti-people character. These measures and the sufferings of the overwhelming majority of the people, all toiling sections including industrial workers and peasants, show the character of Indian society and state. The treatment meted out to migrant workers reflects the utter powerlessness of the working people and their being made targets of attack of the ruling classes. We must stand with the people and do everything to help at this moment. We should also evolve forms of struggle to highlight people’s concerns and seek redressal of their problems in the concrete conditions of lockdown or restrictions in the wake of Corona outbreak.

The disregard shown to the interests of the people and kowtowing to imperialist powers is one more clear demonstration of its semi-colonial character. Buckling under the threats of US president Trump and diversion of medical supplies badly needed in the country are due to the domination of imperialist capital on different spheres of economic life and the influence of imperialists over the ruling political elite i.e. their subservience to imperialism.

Corona outbreak has once again highlighted the problems faced by the landless and poor peasants whose very life being threatened. Moreover, the migrant workers, mainly drawn from the landless poor peasants and the agricultural labourers, without any food, shelter and work, are dashing towards their villages. During this time of the year, a large number of workers in MSMEs go to their villages for harvesting to secure some grain for the family. It helps their capitalist employers in keeping wages low and landlords in keeping larger share of produce. This also shows their continuing linkages with rural economy, a reminder of vast semi-feudal economy prevailing in the countryside. These aspects which are keeping the economy backward, society stagnant and political power in the hands of big capitalists and big landlords are on open display.

Corona outbreak is being selectively used by the ruling RSS-BJP to further its fascist agenda. The RSS machinery is in overdrive to make Corona serve its communal design, selectively highlighting Muslims as spreaders, making victims as culprits. RSS-BJP govt. is using the excuse of Corona for cutting off whatever funds the Govt. allotted for SCs and STs. The Corona outbreak has been craftily guided into social cleavages in the interest of economically and socially powerful.

One of the biggest impacts of the Govt. machinations in the name of this outbreak has been on the democratic rights. Higher judiciary has anyway succumbed before the RSS-BJP after its return to power. RSS-BJP Govt. has launched severe attack on the democratic rights. Its real target is the revolutionary struggles and people’s movements. It is hounding pro-people intellectuals as Urban Naxals. Democratic intellectuals are being prosecuted for questioning the anti-people and undemocratic acts of the govt.

Govt. handling of Corona spread shows that the present anti-people system is unfit to tackle it. Its mistakes of omission and commission amply prove this. It also highlights the need to counter fascist agenda of the Govt. uniting the revolutionary and struggling forces and mobilizing all the forces and people against the fascist offensive.

On this Party Foundation Day, let us dedicate ourselves to intensify the movement for New Democratic Revolution, for building and developing struggles of the people mainly of workers and peasants especially resistance struggle, safeguard the ideological foundation of the Party – Marxism-Leninism-Mao Zedong Thought, establish the Party among the revolutionary classes and orient the whole Party in the service of the people. Let us wage ceaseless struggle inside the Party against alien trends and degeneration and for Communist Ideals, Lifestyle and Methods of Work. Let us inculcate the spirit of sacrifice, fearing no hardships not death. Let us inculcate the habit of learning from facts and giving all for the people.

Long Live CPI(ML)!

Hold High Marxism-Leninism-Mao Zedong Thought!

Advance to Make New Democratic Revolution!

Mobilize the People against Fascist Offensive!

Unite Communist Revolutionaries!

Be with the People and do everything for them!

Central Committee

CPI(ML)-New Democracy

April 21, 2020