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People Rise Against CAA-NRC Despite Lockdown

Reminiscent of the imposition of Emergency in the country, RSS-BJP Central Govt. has totally locked down virtually the whole of the country, particularly the states under RSS-BJP rule, to stop protests against anti-people, anti-national Citizenship Amendment Act which the RSS-BJP Govt. has enacted to further its fascist agenda. Protesters are being rounded up in different parts of the country while all means of communications, including internet and mobile services, are being stopped in several areas.

In Delhi, twenty metro stations in the central and other parts of Delhi are closed as well as Section 144 is imposed over large areas to foil peoples protests in various parts of the city against the communal CAA and the deliberate communal conspiracies of the RSS-BJP Central Govt.  against the people in Delhi. Police is searching vehicles for ‘protestors’. Bus drivers were directed not to stop on the bus stops along the protest routes, around universitites and colleges. Mobile and internet services are stopped in several areas of Delhi and several other states in what is being called as the biggest internet shutdown in the world. Vodaphone and Airtel officials have admitted that this was done on the instructions of the Govt. Protesters were detained near Mandi House and Lal Qila in Delhi where they had assembled for March. Detained persons are being kept at different police stations. Despite all the obstacles, some protesters, yet in good number, managed to wind their way to Jantar Mantar at the Parliament Street. Different institutions have also brought out orders banning protests against CAA. University students participated in the March in good number. Candle light marches were also taken out in some campuses. A protest meeting was held in Mayapuri Industrial Area during lunch hour. A candle light procession and meeting was held in Okhla Industrial Area in the evening.

Delhi has seen large scale protests against CAA and NRC. People had come out in large numbers to condemn police brutalities on Jamia students. Central Govt. has employed police and paramilitary force against the protesters while RSS cadres have been reportedly deployed to attack the protesters.

Reports have come of arrests in Hyderabad, Chennai and Bengaluru and several other cities, of the Govt. attempts to foil protest rallies. A number of intellectuals and activists have been detained and detentions are continuing in Bengaluru and Hyderabad. After the Govt. foiled the Meeting at Exhibition Ground in Hyderabad by detaining leaders and activists, a meeting was held in the evening at Necklace Road in which several thousand people participated.

In Karnataka, besides arresting intellectuals and activists in Bengaluru, police opened fire in Mangalore in which six people received gun shot injuries. Two of these have already died and the condition of other four, who are hospitalized continues to be critical. Police opened fire only to prevent the people from taking out a peaceful march.

However, despite these detentions protesters are assembling at various points, reports of protests are coming from several cities in Punjab, Haryana and other states. In Panipat, IFTU held a protest demonstration at Ambedkar statue. Some Bajrang Dal people tried to disturb the Rally but the protesters foiled their attempts.

In UP, the state Govt. imposed prohibitory orders through out the state to prevent all protests. Yet a large protest was held at Allahabad defying the ban. A very large protests was also held in Aligarh besides several other cities. Police detained a number of people coming for protest demonstrations in different parts of the state. In Sambhal police lathi charged and burst tear gas shells on the protesters. In state capital Lucknow police fired on the protesters in which one person has been killed. Several persons are injured in the police action.

Bihar observed a complete Bandh against CAA-NRC. The normal life in the state was completely paralyzed.

In AP, large joint protests were held in Vijayawada, Vishakhapatnam, Srikakulam, Kavali, Kakinada, Rajamundry, Eluru, Anantpur and Kurnool. On the initiative of PDSU, students boycotted classes in Rayalseema University. Youth every where participated in large number.

In Kolkata, a huge rally was held against CAA, NRC and NPR by NO NRC MOVEMENT. In a very big rally and meeting was held in Azad Park where nearly 3 lakh people participated. A large number of known figures associated with film industry also participated in the meeting.

North East continues to be on boil against CAA. Large processions and rallies were reported from different states and cities in North East India.

What is continuing for last for four and half months in J&K has now been extended to all over India- a ban on democratic protests and means of communication. The country, particularly BJP ruled states, are being converted into open prisons.

Use of brutal force of police and paramilitary forces is being widely condemend by the people. Protests are being planned for December 20th against CAA-NRC and police repression. There are expected to be even large protests on December 20 in Delhi and some other cities.

CPI(ML)-New Democracy calls upon the people to foil the RSS-BJP plans. What is at stake is the very right of the people to exist. Fight to Live.

December 19, 2019