CPI-ML New Democracy

Protest against Breaking of Lenin’s statue by RSS-BJP goons

CPI(ML)-New Democracy strongly condemns the breaking of Lenin’s statue by RSS-BJP activists in Belonia town in Tripura. Within 48 hours of their electoral victory over CPM, RSS-BJP goons used bulldozers to demolish Lenin’s statue which had been installed at the Centre of the town.

This is the latest in the series of puny deeds done by RSS goons under state protection in their attack on any form of progressivism and especially communism. RSS takes Marxism as their ideological enemy and the biggest obstacle in their path of distorting history, disrupting the unity of the people and fashioning their anti-people Hindu Rashtra which includes open upholding of pro imperialist and anti people policies. Painstakingly servile to a chauvinist, feudal patriarchal cultural script, the RSS looks to impose its Manuwadi anti Dalit, anti Muslim and anti woman values along with the pro imperialist policies which are its economic performa for India. It is stuffing its cadre in all institutions of learning, modifying syllabi, closing down or sabotaging functioning of institutions of science and falsifying history.

This attack is part of their cruel attacks on the struggles of oppressed and exploited. It is fascist attack against the people. BJP leaders have also threatened to demolish the statue of Periyar. RSS wants to demolish all symbols of people’s struggles against exploitation and oppression. It reminds of the attempts by the colonial powers to demolish statues of leaders identified with people’s struggles.

CPM has ruled Tripura continuously for last 25 years and still commands a sizable base among the people. It is noteworthy that their cadres did not come forward to oppose this brazen crime done openly. CPM in its 25 years of rule had implemented anti-people policies and had mouthed Marxism only to cover up its betrayal of the toiling people, workers, peasants and other sections.

Politburo of CPI(ML)-New Democracy calls upon all Party units and progressive people to protest against this dastardly attack by the RSS fascist gang. The struggles of all sections of the people must unite as a mighty assertion of people’s rights against anti people policies and fight back these attacks, all being carried out under state protection in various parts of India.

Politburo, CPI(ML)-New Democracy

March 6, 2018