CPI-ML New Democracy, Democratic Rights, Press Release

Protest against Repression by TRS Govt. in Telengana, Invoking of PD Act against Com. Madhu

TRS Govt. in Telengana led by KCR has launched one of the most sinister attack against the people of Telengana particularly its tribals whom it is trying to dispossess of the land which they have been cultivating for decades, particularly podu lands. TRS Govt. is also crushing  the democratic rights of the people. TRS Govt. which came to power after a broad movement of the people of Telengana who fought against what they perceived as exploitation and oppression, is suppressing the aspirations of the people of Telengana. In order to crush the people’s struggles especially those of tribal people in the agency areas, TRS Govt. is targeting leaders and cadres of CPI(ML)-New Democracy which has been leading the struggles of the tribal people for decades.

On July 3 night, state police arrested Com. Madhu, leader of the resistance movement in Godavari Valley areas in Telengana and a state leader of CPI(ML)-New Democracy from Hyderabad. He was kidnapped while he was travelling in an auto. But the police showed his arrest from Gondala forest in Kothagudem district and has foisted several false cases against him. Com. Madhu had been arrested last year July and then also 22 fake cases were foisted against him. UAPA sections were also invoked against him. He was released on bail under these cases after some months and he was out on bail. Now the police of TRS Govt.  has again arrested him and foisted several cases from the earlier period besides a case under Arms Act. TRS Govt. has also invoked PD Act against Com. Madhu. This is part of the brutal attack on the revolutionary leaders and the people of these areas who are fighting to defend their land from the attack of TRS Govt. Com. Madhu’s arrest along with the arrest of several other leaders of the resistance movement and the struggling people, is aimed at suppressing the struggle of tribal people. However, TRS Govt. will not be able to suppress these struggles and will not be able to break the resolve of the people to defend their lands and livelihood.

Central Committee of CPI(ML)-New Democracy strongly condemns repression let loose by TRS Govt., foisting to false cases against leaders of the resistance movement and CPI(ML)-New Democracy and imposing PD Act against Com. Madhu. We appeal to all revolutionary organizations and democratic forces to protest against this repression and invoking of PD Act.

CPIML)-New Democracy calls upon all Party committees to protest against this repression and use of PD Act on August 20 & 21, 2018. The protests should be held on all centres in all states and at district headquarters in Telengana.

Central Committee,

CPI(ML)-New Democracy

August 12, 2018